Joint Pain Relief with Yoga


After a long day you just settled on your favorite couch with a cup of coffee and the mystery book that you have been waiting to read for a while.  Just as you settle and open the first page of the book, the door bell rings.  So you put coffee and book on the side table and as you get up to answer the door, you feel all the joints in your limbs creaking and aching.  Your body feels old and rickety even though you are at prime of your youth.  Joint pains are  a common problem and many of us experience this at various points in our life.

Causes of joint pain could be due to aging, chronic conditions like arthritis, mineral deficiencies – specifically vitamin D, obesity, sedentary lifestyle etc.  The other main cause of joint pain is stress. Whenever we go through stress cortisol is released in the body, which then gets stored in the muscles and joints until it is flushed out of the system. However if we tend to succumb to bouts of stress on a regular basis these toxins keep building up in the system causing aches and pains and other serious health problems. A good way to gauge this is to notice how your body is when you are happy and relaxed.  Say you are on a relaxed vacation and you are by the ocean waking up to a beautiful sunny morning after a good night’s rest.  Observe how the body feels. A well rested, stress free mind and body feels light and ready for activity.  The same body when it experiences stress feels aches and pains all over not just in the joints.

Joint pains can affect us at any age. It is only because we have this body that we enjoy activity.  So it is important take care our health and well-being from an early age.  Maintaining a health, wholesome diet and exercising regularly goes a long way to keep you fit, feeling light and great all day.

Even though exercise is great way to stay fit, intense exercise or workout is not for everyone.  Doing yoga solves that problem and comes with all the benefits of improving flexibility, range of motion while reducing the risk of injury as it is gentle, slow and relaxing.  Yoga is also known to strengthen and stabilize the whole body.

Healthy joint allows us to bend, stretch and enjoy activity effortlessly.  Follow along with this video and take care of those joints.



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