Refuel your “PRANA” – The Vital Life Force Energy


Nikita’s car battery is at 10%. She quickly pulls into the Tesla service station to charge it. While the car is charging, she takes this opportunity to refuel her own energy level, which was completely drained! Thus, she buys an energy booster drink from the gas station.

The Tesla is fully charged to run 300 miles now, but Nikita’s drink just gave her a temporary spark of energy, and soon the mental fatigue crept back in.  The irony is that her Tesla is in better shape with more energy! A common case scenario for all of us. How can we stay at a high energy level for the entire day? After a good breakfast we still feel fatigued due to chronic stress, day to day anxiety etc. After a full night’s sleep, we never feel fully refreshed. WHY? Let’s explore this further.

The Ancient texts define the concept of Prana: The Vital Life Force Energy. This energy takes charge of our entire system, Physiological as well as psychological. “PRANA” is unique for each person, depending on our mastery over our energies.

There are five types of prana or “Panch Vayus”. These control different dimensions of the human mechanism.

  1. Prana Vayu – Respiratory and pulmonary activities.
  2. Samana Vayu- Generation of heat in the body.
  3. Apana Vayu – Sensory activity of the life energy.
  4. Udana Vayu – The natural buoyancy in our bodies, which we see ballet dancers, martial arts practitioners
  5. Vyana Vayu – Preservative nature of the body.

Hence, the origin of the word “Pranayama”- which means to take charge of the Five Pranas. This subtle Life Force Energy flows through our human system through “Nadis” or energy channels.

When the energy flows freely in the body, we feel relaxed and are able to stay calm in challenging situations in our daily lives. This is high prana state. When the energy flow in the “Nadis” is blocked by chronic stress, emotional blockages, it becomes the Low Prana State

Since energy drinks, chemical boosters  have been temporary solutions, we need to dig deeper to find answers! The endeavor has been to find a permanent solution. Initially the search started from the physical and grosser levels like exercising at the gym or taking part in outdoor activities to connect to nature. In this physical pursuit, people stumbled  on to Yoga, Tai-Chi etc. As we go deep into this science, we have unconsciously started our journey to uncover the subtle life force secrets.

Pranayama, Meditation, breathing techniques are popular buzz words, which essentially are, guiding us to remove these deep rooted and persistent blockages in our energy system. These ancient techniques cleanse the “Nadis” improving the flow of Prana or Life Energy!

Nikita’s Electric Car can connect to a 110 or 220 volt which will take a full day to charge the car. An alternative option is to connect to a super charger, which will charge the full car in 40 minutes!

Can we also connect ourselves to the Universal Super charger which will keep our vital energy enhanced to the maximum potential? To begin this journey let’s start with the basics – Check out thoughts, the words we speak and the actions we perform. As soon as we develop awareness in our daily activities, we will automatically make choices which nourish not only our Physical body but also our Mental State.  Rest assured, we have commenced our quest to unearth the dynamic laws of “Prana” – the most Vital Life Force.


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