Natural Remedies For Allergies


Come allergy season our shopping carts are filled with tissues and antihistamines.  Allergy is one condition which when it comes on strong render us helpless under its attack.  No amount of antihistamine, prescription medication give us full relief from the symptoms to function at our best.

If we look back at our parents and grandparents life, we see that they had much healthier systems as they were growing up. In the current times, we find that most children and even adults succumb to allergies. It makes us wonder – how did we get to a place where our essential systems are working against us? What changed between then and now?

The big factors for this are our current life style and increasing pollution.  Life style factors like food habits, long sedentary hours due to shift from manual to digital work, lack of exercise, less contact with nature due to increased indoor entertainment all contribute to a compromised immune system.  Emission from hundreds and thousands of motor vehicles makes the air we breathe toxic weakening the immune system.

For the system to be healthy we need to spend time outdoors, eat fresh and home cooked food, exercise regularly, reduce sedentary time, and time spent with electronics.  We are part of nature just like other creatures, and our bodies need to be exposed to outer elements like the sun, wind and water. We feel naturally happy, relaxed and calm when we spend time in nature. That is because all the cells in the body get infused with natural light, air and moisture energizing our system and making it come alive.  The staleness of the artificially circulated air indoors reduces the system’s restorative ability.  Therefore we feel listless, tired and irritable when we spend too much time indoors which negatively impacts our health.  For most people it is the immune system that is affected by these factors.

Other than taking prescription medication there are other ways to better manage our health and be more proactive about self-care.  There are alternative therapies like homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy whose focus is on preventative methods and elimination of the root cause of the disease. Proper nutrition is a major component of these therapies as certain types of food are immune system boosters.  These therapies also includes yoga practices that involves deep breathing to increase the oxygen intake into the system. Many therapies also add body massage that can restore and activate the weakened organs.  Exploring these therapies to see if they are right fit for your condition may help provide the much needed long term relief.

Doing the below can help boost the immune system and bring overall ease into the body.

1) Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins

2) Ingest local honey, lemon and ginger on a daily basis.

3) Eat dark green leafy vegetables

4) Include vegetables that are yellow and orange in color

5) Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, red meat, sugar, dairy products, food with preservatives, frozen foods, processed foods and in some cases peanuts.

6) Get plenty of sunshine

7) Walk bare foot on the ground on a regular basis

8) Add hatha yoga to your daily routine to stabilize the strengthen the system

It is always better to take preventative measures than suffer the onslaught of allergies. Take care and keep allergies at bay.

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