Adopt A Plant, Grow Wellbeing


Some of most joyful times are those spent with your loved ones.  However, at times just being in the splendid settings of mother nature brings a different kind of joy.  We are alone and yet we don’t feel lonely in this calming solitude.  The feeling of elation that we experience is the one that connects us to our inner self.  But the reality of our current life style keeps us glued to our computer mostly for work and at other times for entertainment, leaving us very little time to be in nature.

With our busy life style we don’t even realize what a sterile environment we have in our homes.  As our homes are insulated the air inside is stale and that same air gets recycled and circulated, which means we  are breathing the stale air all the time.  Dust,  smoke from the household cleaners, cooking and other sources settles on the walls and flat surfaces in the house making the air dense.  Breathing this stale and dense air causes lethargy, irritation, sleepiness etc.

Having house plants and opening the windows are best things we can do to freshen up the air inside the house.  While it is not realistic to be outdoors or keep the windows open all the time, we can create a calming presence inside the house.   That is where house plants come to our rescue.  There are many benefits to having plants inside the house

1) Plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.  Having a few house plants in each room, purifies the air and ensures a constant supply of oxygen inside.

2) Unlike some pets, house plants don’t demand attention. They provide a quiet and rejuvenating company.  They have a soothing presence and exude that aura all the time.

3) Looking at green is very therapeutic for the eyes especially if you have been working on the computer for many hours.  Just looking at the plants has a very relaxing effect on the eyes.

4) They are easy to take care of.  Watering them at regular intervals is all that is needed to keep them looking healthy and green.

5) Plants get the dust out from the air acting like air filters.

6) Plants improves the humidity in the air by releasing water as moisture vapor.  This can reduce respiratory problems, dry coughs and sore throat.

7) Keeping potted plants near your work desk can reduce stress and brings a calming effect.

More than anything else it is very satisfying to take care of plants.  They reward us with their bright color and warm presence.  Plants make excellent room decor.  A welcome feeling is conveyed better by having plants than with words.  A room without a plant looks barren. Adding even a small plant makes the room feel alive, bright and inviting, completely changing the ambience.  Plants are also sensitive to our presence.  If we love them and take care of them well they show their sensitivity to our caring by keeping their leaves lush green.  If they are flowering plants, they will shower you with the brightest and most beautiful flowers.  If you have not yet experienced having a house plant, it is time to adopt one.  They do wonders for our well-being.

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