How to Relax and Sleep Well



Feeling stressed and exhausted can not only make you irritable but also make it difficult for you to fall asleep and remain asleep. You body is in a constant state of being active and you cannot relax. The key to sleeping well is to take time to unwind and relax before you sleep. Below we would like to give you a few tips to relax and sleep well. 

  • Keep your phone down for at least a half-hour before you sleep. The phone constantly keeps us engaged, especially while checking your social media feeds, you can just keep scrolling. Time will pass away without you knowing about it. 
  • Write don’t a list for all the tasks you need to complete for tomorrow morning.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths for a few minutes. This will make you more focused on relaxing. 
  • Visualize yourself relaxing from head to toe and releasing all the tension in your muscles. 
  • Turn on relaxing music that will help you fall asleep. 

How you sleep will affect your day tomorrow morning. If you carry whatever happened today into tomorrow, you will constantly remain in a vicious cycle that you cannot get out of. Start tomorrow morning fresh and in order to do that you need good quality sleep. Good sleep quality doesn’t come from the number of hours that you sleep but it’s about how deeply relaxed you are while you are sleeping. We wanted to share some wisdom with you about how to sleep well:

Video: Sadhguru’s 10 Tips to Sleep Well and Wake Up Well 

Guided Meditation from Deepak Chopra

Tranquil Meditation Sleep Music

Video: How to Fall Asleep by Dr. Oz

Video: Yoga Nidra – Meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah

Try a few of these tips and it will surely help keep you well rested. Being relaxed is the key to have a better life, after all your life happens on a day to day basis. So go on, take a deep breath and enjoy the moments in your life. 

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