How to Overcome a Bad Breakup


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We have all gone through bad break ups. It is always difficult to move on. We would like to share some tips with you about how you can get over the break up without damaging yourself. 

Tip 1: Don’t skip the grieving

If you do not cry and let yourself feel your emotions, you will bottle yourself up and it will eventually crack up. Make time after a breakup your grieving time. Let yourself cry and be miserable. Just let all of your emotions out. If you give yourself time to grieve, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it will become to move on in the future.

Tip 2: Don’t blame yourself

Know that whatever happened is not your fault. Even if you contributed towards the break up, look at it objectively. If you blame yourself, you will become frustrated and then depressed. Becoming depressed will not resolve anything. 

Tip 3: Surround yourself with your family and friends

The last thing you want is to be alone. Always surround yourself with your loved ones because it will keep you from doing things that you will regret. You might not be able to be with the one person you want to be with, but spending time with your loved ones will feed the human need for connection.

Tip 4: Don’t do the rebound relationship

Do not go out and get into another relationship straight away. You will need time to heal from all the pain and hurt and if you use another relationship to distract you, it will result in that relationship not ending well or the other person getting hurt. 

Tip 5: Don’t make drastic decisions

Haircut, tattoos, work, new relationships, and you know what we’re talking about. It may seem like a good idea to get impulsively into something else but these life altering decisions will be regretted later on. So don’t, just don’t!

Tip 6: Look at the bright side

Make a list of all the things that were wrong in that relationship. Think about all the things that you didn’t do when you were with your ex and think about all the possibilities that are now open to you. And don’t forget to get a lot of sleep. 

Tip 7: Plan for your future. 

Sit alone and think about what you want to do next.  Plan and think what are the hobbies you want to pursue and look at your life fresh. See what you want are your interests and look forward to your life. 

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