“Wheelies” with Yoga Wheel


There is a new tool trending in town these days that promises to make you love your yoga even more. That tool is the Yoga Wheel. This is truly a wheel – an equipment that is fast becoming a norm in yoga studios and home gyms.  The yoga wheel is designed to make it easier to get into certain asanas. The creators of the yoga wheel also called Dharma Yoga Wheel are Sri Dharma Mittra and his son Yoga Varuna.

Yoga wheel is fast gaining popularity because it is used by yoga and exercise enthusiasts alike for stretching and flexing the back and neck muscles.  The equipment also works well as a hip flexor. It is supposed to make the stretches more deeper and make bend bends more accessible. The yoga wheel comes in different sizes to suit the height requirements of the yogis.

According to practitioners some of the benefit of using the yoga wheel are

1) Makes getting into challenging poses easier – especially back bends and inverted poses.

2) Serves as a good massage for tight back muscles.

3) Brings stability into the yoga practice especially for beginners.

4) Small enough that it can travel anywhere. 

5) Good for achieving flexibility, balance and core strength.

If yoga wheel sounds like fun and you are thinking of getting one, buy one that is well constructed.  The wheel is from wood or reinforced plastic and is built to support the body weight. The exterior of the wheel is covered with foam. It also comes in different sizes. Most people find the 12 inch size most comfortable. The larger size is found to provide more comfort. Try out a few and see which wheel conforms best with your body. In this case it is best to use your intuition while keeping sturdiness and quality of materials in mind.

The next step after you buy your yoga wheel is to try it out. Follow along with this video and perform wheelies with yoga!


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