Escaping the “Trap”


Whether it be making the grade in school, making the basketball team, getting into the right college, getting that job, getting that girl or boy. It’s really all about competition and if we don’t come out on top we feel spitted by the universe.  Even more problematic than this automatic distress response to not winning the prize is the fact that if no one else wanted that prize, you wouldn’t want it either. You only want it for the story it helps you shape about yourself being better than, being special, being the chosen one.  You want it for the feelings of worthiness you think it’ll give you and it does for a while, but at some point that rush of accomplishment fades.

The desire to be chosen “by the universe” runs deep in the fiber of most modern day societies and as a reflection is woven through almost every fairy tale and religious proverb. It’s made out to be the most whimsical and invigorating part of life and is therefore the most seductive, but also happens to be the biggest hoax.  The need to be chosen and deemed special or adequate in the eyes of others limits and controls the direction of your life in the most insidious ways possible because you’re taught to aspire to socially acceptable benchmarks. Many times our intrinsic and unique talents get buried and exchanged for this social acceptance. So the choices we make are generally unfairly biased towards this end.

So how do you recognize that you’re walking into a trap and don’t really want what you think you want? It’s apparent if you analyze the emotions that race through your body when you imagine reaching the pinnacle of achievement in consideration (whatever it may be), you realize like a drug addict it’s actually a feeling you’re chasing, not a tangible goal. Fortunately, though, feelings of wholeness for example don’t actually need an outside catalyst. They can be inspired because you choose to feel a certain way and you prepare your body and all of your energy for that state of being.

Growth always starts with a conscious decision. So decide today what adulthood looks like for you particularly as far as your moods and outlook are concerned because this defines the quality of your life. Human Beings are complete beings and don’t need an outside catalyst for happiness.  Furthermore, if you’re waiting for something or someone else to fulfill you, you are left in an unwarranted position of vulnerability. Your real uniqueness lies in taking control of your energy.

Yoga, including the application of a yogic diet, is a great way to prepare yourself and take control of that energy.  Meditation is another great tool towards that end. Both yoga and meditation help move your primary focus inward, enhancing your ability to use your mind, body and awareness towards attaining completeness or fulfillment from within.

Try out this short but simple meditation to find that peace and fulfillment that you have always dreamed of.

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