Digital Detox – Do You Need To Do This?


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Have you heard of digital detox? We are now living in a world and age of technology. If you look out on the streets, you can see everyone on their phones or some electronic device, either scrolling through social media or listening to music, checking emails, stock markets and so on and so forth. Even though technology has made our lives so much easier and convenient, many of us have become addicted to it. Compulsively we will pull up our phones and start mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds. People have also complained about how constantly being on the phone reduces the “human connection” with people. Families, friends can feel alienated even though they are living together or are together. 

To remedy this, digital detox is very essential because it helps you break down your compulsions. People have found the following benefits from detoxing digitally:

Enriched Relationships

Since people are off of their phones, they connect in a deeper way and have more fulfilling and enriched relationships.

Better Posture

This is a given! You are not bending down and reaching for you phone, so your spine remains erect. 

Unforgettable Conversations

Usually in social situations, people tend to Google topics and respond accordingly. So if you don’t reach for your phone, conversations can delve into each person’s thought process and minds.

Improved Memory

Without phones, people are able to remember and recall situations and names better because it is not conveniently stored on their phones!

More-Efficient Sleep

Sleep quality will improve because you won’t be on the phone till late night. People tend to scroll on helplessly and without their phone, they will sleep earlier and better. 

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