Heal Yourself: The Power Of “Let Go”


Travelling to different cities in Europe is a lot of fun. Great deals from airlines give us inexpensive options to travel by air. There is just one catch – travel light. The mantra is –  get rid of the extra baggage. Initially the task may seem daunting and impossible. Once we “Let Go” of the extra physical items, travel becomes so easy and convenient.

Imagine now, if we perform this similar exercise for our frustrations, stress, anger, resentments, painful memories of the past and relationships. This “mental” baggage weighs us down and drains us completely. We replay our past in our heads, till the mental chatter makes us miserable. Alas! this baggage is not tangible. So, we need to develop skills to be able “Let Go” of these thoughts and memories.

First and foremost – take Responsibility for everything that is happening in your life – good or bad. Our endeavor is to stop complaining and blaming other people for our current situation. This change of perspective is extremely empowering. We have unconsciously “Let Go” of the feelings of hatred and resentment against a bunch of people. Instead we have diverted our mind in another direction of how can one use the current situation to enhance the present moment for ourselves. We re-channelized the energy from the “complaining mode” to “the fix it myself mode”.

There are various ways to do this:

  1. Accept the current situation with a blessing in disguise approach.
  2. Focus energies on what you have and what you can control instead of brooding on what you don’t have.
  3. Use Meditation and other creative outlets to take away the attention from the constant mental chatter in your head.
  4. Feel the power of taking control of your own life, with no expectations from anyone. For e.g. “This should have been done” etc.
  5. Constant reminder to ourselves about emotions like hate, bitterness, anger destroy us first as they originate within us. Once we are conscious we choose our reactions before spitting out venom on the other person.
  6. Visualize yourself as a complete being , without developing the feeling of loneliness
  7. Expressing gratitude allows us to drop negative emotions, as we become conscious of our blessings
  8. Stop playing “victim”. The more we identify with our painful past the more we hinder our healing in the present.
  9. Look at your “painful” story from a distance. See how you can use this experience to create new opportunities for yourself.
  10. Surrender to the Universe and let it guide you towards the best path which is in alignment of your being

Every moment we are reborn into another moment. With this concept in mind, we can “ let go” of all the painful emotions that linger on our minds. Only when we “LET GO” will we   “MOVE ON” in life.

“What is in the way – Is the way”

Our healing starts as soon as we forgive and “let go”, acknowledging the Universe to steer us towards the infinite possibilities; eliminating all the barriers which were inhibiting our growth. Drop the excess baggage and get ready to fly!


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