Unwind with Golf as a Spiritual Expression


The small white static ball mocks the player – “Try to hit me, I won’t move an inch”. This tiny ball sitting on its throne[tee] in a lush green environment, teaches us a very important lesson. The relationship develops, only between the player and the ball, with no third person influencing the game and yet it is so hard to get the right swing to make the ball soar high towards the sky. The uniqueness of this game, makes it very challenging and interesting. We explore the various aspects of this game distinguishing it from other “Moving ball” games. In soccer our endeavor is to kick a moving ball. In tennis we use our hand and body coordination to hit the ball. The ball is always in a dynamic state, never stationary.

All golfers are confronted by a tiny ball, sweet and innocent, inviting the players to hit. The most important factor we need to observe is the” sense of geometry”. How do we conduct our body and mind, while we try to swing our golf club? One has to be in the “Moment”, with our total attention on the “static” ball.

Similarly, everything in Nature is based on this Universal principle “Geometry of Existence”. The Fundamental design of every organism on this planet is governed by a  basic geometry, before it matures into complex designs and arrangements. Hence, this principle is applied to any activity we engage in.

In Yoga, our aspiration is to simultaneously manage the geometry of our body while we focus on our breath. Once we start to concentrate on our breathing, we can feel the relaxation seeping through our body. The mind becomes serene and the mental chatter begins to fade in the background deepening our awareness. Now, we are in the “Present Moment”. The more attention we pay to our breath, the more meditative we become. The steadiness of the breathing allows the body and the mind to be in sync with each other. This same rule is used to help us concentrate while swinging our Golf Club!

Our single minded absorption in hitting the ball is like an act of meditation without any judgements or any unwanted thoughts. Yoga and Meditation activities nuture “Stillness of the mind” an essential ingredient needed to maintain a perfect form for a golf player. A complete union of the body and the mind, in total harmony!

As players develop this quality of Serenity with complete involvement, they experience Golf in a spiritual way. Golfers are known to play golf “alone” from two to five hours. Hence, one can use this game as a daily practice, to culture these meditative qualities in our personality; the challenge is to maintain the same introspection “OFF THE GOLF COURSE”.

With Unwavering attention on the ball, our physical body swings in perfect form, drastically changing our perspective; Now, hitting the “motionless” ball, almost seems effortless. Identical to the practice of the merging into a yoga form with rhythmic breathing! So, enjoy your game of golf, with an opportunity to unwind, relax and be in tune with your true nature.


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