My Higher Wisdom


We face many challenges in our lives, and hopefully we have a social support network to help us through those times.  Most people rely on their best friends as a source of psychological aid.  And the best of friends will not always simply agree and go along but will also offer a wider shift in perspective.  Of course, this is what good therapists do, to get us out of our pigeon-holed viewpoints.  Too often we get mired in our own self-narrative where we see ourselves as the victim of a situation or of others’ faults.  How can we move towards a more enlightened paradigm?

A more enlightened approach is to tap into our own higher wisdom.  This takes a certain level of maturity because most of the time, we can not get beyond the immediate story and associated suffering.  So, we can start small.  Let’s say something minor happens, and we are annoyed by that situation.  What would happen if we shifted our perspective to a wise elder watching this happen to a child, and this annoyance being the child’s reaction?  Internally, can we shift from being the victim to being a compassionate and loving witness?  Our instinct would be to comfort and hold the child in a loving embrace and let them know they are not alone.  But that is just the start.

Wisdom is insightful and fresh, not mental regurgitation.  To tap into that, we need to be in a place of stillness.  We can’t be agitated and attempt this practice, as noted, it takes a certain level of maturity.  But if we can sink in just enough to find a bit of space between the reactive mind and our inner space, then wisdom sprouts spontaneously.  The practice is to sit in silence, embracing that part of us that is hurting, and letting higher wisdom flow through.

We are intrinsically integrated and connected with the universe and all its unfathomable intelligence.  But our deep-held beliefs and self-imposed limitations hold us from experiencing the exquisite mystery in each living moment.  We get caught in the swirl of the drama, missing the perspective that this is a dance of life – not always what we judge to be pleasant.  The invitation is to find a buffer between the drama and the inner awareness.  Then, hold space for the unfoldment of the play of life in all its potential and possibilities.

It has been said that life’s challenges are love letters from God because they are a call to awakening.  The question is, do we have sufficient capacity to appreciate this and seize the opportunity to evolve rather than spin in the eddy of the event itself and our grasping identifications with it.  Our inner wisdom is our constant companion, the question is, are we open and receptive or do we turn a blind eye.

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”  – Deepak Chopra

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