What is Modo Yoga


As more and more people begin practicing yoga they find themselves curious about the different types available to them. Yoga classes have come a long way from simply being offered at the YMCA, and there are yoga studios in every state offering personalized experiences and different kinds of yoga to enjoy. One kind being offered is known as modo yoga.

What is Modo?

Modo is an exciting form of hot yoga, where people practice yoga in a hot room. It combines the precise movements of therapeutic yoga and the foundations that all yogis learn in traditional yoga. This combination, along with the headed room, will give the yoga practicer an amazing cardio workout. You will walk away with toned and loosened muscles and your mind will be calm and empty of stress.

There are seven philosophical pillars that all modo studios use to guide and inspire their practice. These pillars are not only useful while practicing yoga, but also in the daily lives of everyone who enjoys modo yoga. These practices are be accessible, be healthy, live green, reach out, live to learn, community support, and be peace.


When people practice modo yoga and live according to the seven pillars, they are able to transform their lives into something amazing. The pillar “be healthy” encourages healthy life choices off the mat. By making yoga practice an important part of your life you are already on the path towards a health life. “Live green” encourages everyone to focus on protecting Earth. “Be accessible” welcomes everyone from any background to modo yoga and encourages all to express their true selves.

“Community support” means that the people who practice modo yoga understand that you can only reach your full potential through the support of others. “Reach out” pushes for active service of others to raise hope and change lives. “Live to learn” focuses on the idea that everyone has something to learn and room to grow. “Be peace” is the belief that you can achieve peace in your own life and in the world.

People who practice modo yoga don’t just go to a yoga studio or gym, take a yoga class, and then leave unchanged. Modo yoga is something that will affect every part of your life if you allow it, changing you for the better. By combining a regular practice and the seven pillars, those who practice modo yoga will make a difference in their own lives and in the world.

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