Choose The Best Yoga Pants For You


There are different types of yoga pants that one can wear to a yoga session. What you are wearing can make all the difference in your experience of a yoga practice.

Yoga Pants
Yoga Pants

Let’s take a look at the many options available in the market today for what to stock your wardrobe with to get the most out of your workout session.

<h2>Types of Yoga Pants</h2>


One of the most sought-after styles, leggings almost feel like second skin. Rest assured these yoga pants will not get in the way as you move from pose to pose. The multiple colors, patterns and fabric options available make these pants a favorite for the more fashion-conscious yogis.

The cons are that they give you little room to breathe. It is important to invest in a high-quality, natural fabric as the material makes such close contact with your skin.

<h3>Flared Pants</h3>

These pants are more fitted at the top and flared at the bottom giving your body more room to breathe from the calf downwards. The good news with flared yoga pants is that they can look formal making them ideal if you don’t have time to change out of them before a trip to grab groceries.

One aspect of these pants that you have to watch out for is that they can trip you up as you transition between poses if you are not aware or used to them.


Also called crop pants or food pants, these yoga pants are shorter than trousers but not as long as shorts and could be more fitted or loose. Capris end mid-way at the calves. The flexibility that capris pants have made them the preferred garb in sports that require dynamic movement.

Quick fact: Ace tennis player Rafael Nadal chose to wear capris during the early part of his career.

<h3>Yoga Shorts</h3>

Yoga shorts are a great option for men as they are stretchy and roomy. Available in multiple materials like nylon and spandex, yoga shorts allow for flexibility in difficult poses.

The color and fabric options are not as varied as other styles but the sheer comfort yoga shorts offer, make them a fantastic option.

<h3>Harem Pants</h3>

Harem pants are great for just about anything from dancing to yoga. Since they are loose from the waist down until the ankles where they are gathered. It is a great option for yoga since it allows your skin to really breathe in the poses with you.

Many brands are offering organic material options like bamboo and cotton so you can make the most out of your pants. Since they are loose, these pants too can have you tripping over them during transitions if you don’t watch out.

There are many brands offering fair-trade, sustainable and natural clothing in ethical work environments. Bamboo and organic cotton in light shades make for a total zen experience adding comfort and grace to your yoga practice.

Some newer fabrics that are making waves are the sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial ones that are fabulous for more strenuous forms of yoga like hatha yoga. Whatever your choice is at the end of the day choose clothing that compliments you and allows you to practice with ease and grace.