Mindfulness Exercises For A Razor Sharp Mind


Whatever you choose to do in life, it is vital that you have a sharp mind. These mindfulness exercises can help you sharpen your mind, enjoy greater focus and have a deeper experience of life.

mindfulness exercises

The ‘I’ Exercise

In any conversation begin to focus on the number of times you refer to yourself. You can do this simply by making a mental note of how many times you use the word ‘I’ in conversations you have throughout the day.

This simple exercise will give you great insight into how self-centered we all are. Just by paying attention to something like this can allow you to move your focus from yourself to those around you. In this way you can become more loving and compassionate.

Mindful Breathing

Being present to your breath is the simplest and most effective ways of practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is brought about by simply being attentive and watching the flow of air as it travels into and out of the body.

This is also a very easy way to bring awareness to the present moment. When you are truly connected to the reality of this present moment you can experience true joy and bliss. This is also a great way to still the chaos of the mind. This is the reason why most meditation techniques incorporate some form of mindful breathing in their practices.

Tactile Awareness

Have you ever paid attention to the flow and feel of water when you are washing your hands? Have you truly felt the softness of the petals when you touch a flower? In this exercise, you use your tactile senses to sharpen your mental awareness and mindfulness.

This exercise can be done anywhere. Even when you are at work just pay attention to the feel of the keys upon your keyboard as you type. An exercise this simple can allow you to become present to your body and the various sensations you experience this way.

Mindful Listening

In modern societies we are constantly bombarded with noise. This is true especially for those who live in cities. You can make the act of listening itself a simple mindfulness exercise. You may either listen to a song of your choice and pay attention to the sounds and the corresponding emotions that arise within you.

Also, you can simply listen to the sounds around you on your way to work or when you are taking a walk. This can help you become more conscious of auditory stimulations and in time learn to enjoy them without getting disturbed.

Silence Awareness

In this exercise it is very easy to become aware but is also not the easiest to take up if you have not done it before. Just remain in quiet for a short while, perhaps an hour or two and pay attention to the internal chatter of the mind.

You will begin to see that it takes great awareness to withhold speech even if it is for a short while. But this can be one of the most gratifying experiences as you become aware of the internal chaos and gradually allow it to become still. You may wish to be silent in solitude for whatever length of time suits your lifestyle best.

Try the exercises above for greater awareness and mindfulness.

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