What are The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga is yoga of awareness. It is considered as householder yoga as it is meant for people who are adventurous. Kundalini yoga gives one tool to expedite spiritual healing and growth. This practice gives one an experience that goes beyond space and time, a journey into the soul and identity. It is through this platform that one becomes radiant, strong and secure throughout life.

Inner Guidance

Kundalini yoga makes it possible for one to develop an intuitive mind. Intuitions are inner voices that every person has that offer guidance. One can choose to ignore or listen to this voice. When the subconscious mind is cleared as a result of deep meditation, one’s thoughts and feelings resonate with the soul; it is at this point that one can sense his/her intuition guiding him/her. This inner guidance can be used as a benchmark when faced questions, choices, and decisions that come with life.

Sacred Sound

Kundalini yoga is known for its sacred chants which are integral parts of the practice. When one consciously monitor the sounds they make through breath, rhythm and mantra one is not only likely to feel the profound effects on his/her wellbeing and health but also experience pure joy that comes from chanting from the soul and heart.

The sacred chants are based on the knowledge of how sounds vibration affects the mind, spirit, and body through movements of the mouth and tongue as well as chemical changes in the brain.

Turns Karma to Dharma

Kundalini yoga practice takes one out of the karma cycle. The positive intentions to place yourself through kundalini exercises wears out karma. The more one practices, the more intuitive, present and conscious one is likely to become. Kundalini offers one a chance to walk the path of dharma instead of karma.

Keeps Negativity at Bay

Kundalini practices expand and fortify one’s electromagnetic field/aura. It is this aura that makes one conscious of the positive or negative influences surrounding him/her. People with weak aura tend to be negative consequently attracting negativity compared to people with strong auras. Kundalini practices enable one develop control over their surroundings.

Neutral Mind and Emotional Balance

Kundalini practices balance body glands, purifies the blood, rids the subconscious mind all the negative thoughts and also strengthens the nervous system. This gives one a greater awareness of oneself and ability to decide how to respond to feelings and thoughts. With this, one can train the body and mind not react emotionally by developing a buffer rather than repressing emotions.

Kundalini yoga is indeed for anyone looking to connect with his/her inner self and also with the universe.

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