How to Use a Yoga Strap


The yoga strap is essential for one to attain the desired posture, alignment and support. Whether you are a pro or are just a beginner, you will find that this strap is indispensable. Your body should communicate to you on which moves to make using the strap, instead of forcefully doing it.

Making Side Stretches

You will find that it is easy to make side stretches through the use of the yoga strap. The strap is held out such that it extends beyond the shoulders. You will now make as if to sway while at the same time, opening up either side of the shoulders.

Working Out The Shoulders

Once again, hold the yoga strap in such a way that it stretches the arms beyond the shoulders. The arms are then stretched both forward and backward, leaving you behind. The exercise will help you open up the shoulders. While it is in order to stretch the arms as far as you can, ensure that the movements you make are not going to make you uncomfortable.

Bending Forward While Seated

Also known as the paschimottanasana, this is a movement made on the hamstrings.The legs are straightened and the strap held by the ends using hands. You will then pull forward but ensure that there is a space between the navel and the pubic bone. It is important to also note that one is not allowed to make a turn to your back while in this position.

Bound Angle Style

The inner thighs should be stretched. The Bound Angle is the preferred style which involves making loops around the strap such that it ends up in the sacrum as well as below the feet. In order to bring the legs closer to the body, you will need to tighten the strap. To keep the hips open, you will only need to lie on the back.

How To Make a Reclining Leg Stretch

This pose is made when you lie on your back. The center of the strap is then held at the foot at the location of the ball. The leg is straightened, stretching it outwards in the direction of the ceiling.

The Big Toe And The Extended Hand

The foot is looped using the yoga strap and then the knee is lifted using the hand that is on the same side as the leg. You can use the other hand to support the waist.

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