What is Kripalu Yoga


For yoga practitioners looking for something different than the average class, Kripalu yoga may be the answer. Yogis who practice this form of yoga not only believe in the importance of breathing and meditation, but also in the importance of the spirit, body, and mind. Beginners are welcome in Kripalu yoga and it is easily adapted to everyone, no matter their ability, health, age, or size. After practicing Kripalu yoga for a while, many yogis find that it begins to be a part of their daily lives more than just their time on the mat. It can result in mental and spiritual transformations and help increase and better your physical health.

Kripalu Yoga

A very gentle form of hatha yoga, Kripalu yoga emphasizes the importance of healing the body, transforming the spirit, and meditation. After practicing this form of yoga for a while, students will learn to allow thoughts into their minds without judging them and will learn to love themselves for who they really are. Each class allows students to practice on their own level of ability and will usually start with pranayam and stretching which will leave into asana practice and then final relaxation at the end of the class.

Beginners to Kripalu yoga will hold poses for shorter periods of time than will those who are more advanced. Eventually students will be able to flow from pose to pose without breaks for rest. The gentle flow and poses that are practiced in these classes make it perfect for people who might be suffering from physical limitations or who were injured. It has none of the pressure that sometimes comes with hot yoga.

The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Kripalu yoga is not only a form of yoga, but also a wellness center/retreat located in Massachusetts. Both were founded by the same person. The Kripalu Center began operation in 1983 and offers a wide variety of yoga styles in classes and also wellness topics. People can go to this center for training in massage, yoga, and to become an ayurvedic teacher.

Kripalu yoga is perfect for anyone who wants to work on improving themselves not only physically, but also spiritually. Practicing this form of yoga will allow users to increase their physical and mental health while also becoming more aware of their selves and their well-being. It’s great for people who may need to adapt poses to fit their abilities and those who want something a little slower-paced.

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