What are The Benefits of Bikram Yoga


Starting in the late 1970s, yoga exploded onto the fitness scene as one of the most popular ways to get in shape. However, one of the styles that became especially popular, was the style that eventually came to be known as Bikram yoga. Started by a man named Bikram Choudry, his style was so unique in the way it was performed.

Contrary to other styles, his yoga was unique in that you performed it in very vigorous positions while being in a room that was very high above room temperature. This made the exercises especially intense and difficult to perform, but aside from that, but it was also a style that appealed to many people across different age groups. because this style was so good for a number of reasons, the popularity of it continued to expand. Because of its popularity, a lot of people want to try it, but there are numerous benefits to this yoga that make it especially good when compared to other styles.

The Physical Benefits

What makes Bikram yoga so incredible in terms of physical benefits relates not only to the exercises performed, but also, the environment in which you do the yoga. Unlike other styles, Bikram pioneered the hot yoga style that has become very trendy and popular among a lot of people these days. The style is great because you’re not only burning a lot of calories, but you’re also encountering all sorts of unique maneuvers that are otherwise very hard to perform. This makes it very popular among people who might not be as familiar with a lot of these techniques so if you’re looking to get in great shape, you should strongly consider Bikram over other styles. Be warned: it is very intense, so if you’re someone that doesn’t necessarily have a great athletic base, you should expect to be greatly challenged.

The Mental Benefits

Just like other styles of yoga, bikram is especially great because there are so many mental benefits. When compared to other styles that are a lot more complicated in their own ways, Bikram is simple in that you can focus on the intensity of each technique. This makes it primarily suitable for people that really want to get in touch with the foundations of yoga and enjoy it for all that it offers. However, unlike other styles of yoga, it is something you don’t have worry about not being challenged.

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