How to Use Yoga Blocks


Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, learning how to use the yoga block is of utmost importance. In this article, you will learn how to effectively utilize these blocks during yoga.

Lengthwise Placement

The first way to use these blocks is to place them in a lengthwise position in such a way that they lie between your feet. After pressing them down squarely on your feet’s soles, you can lift your hips. The tailbone should meanwhile be lengthened towards the direction of the knees. The heart will meanwhile lie towards the chin.


The next task would be the exhalation and inhalation. Both of these should be done by breathing in and out deeply for a total of 5 times.Repeat the procedure two times while at the same lowering you down.

The above steps are essential for ensuring that you do not apply undue pressure in the sacral area which lies in the navel area. It is the best pose to strike since you are able to contain your legs when doing press ups on the ground.

Taking the Wheel Pose

The yoga blocks enable you to make the wheel pose. Take one block and make sure it is in its middle height. It is then placed between the thighs with the best position being some inches above the knee. Meanwhile, the soles of the feet are kept firmly on the ground. The feet are then positioned to be in the same alignment with the ears while the fingertips point to the shoulders. Let the elbows rest on the wrists as you press down on your feet. As you do so, the hips should inch towards your crown.

A full wheel pose can still be achieved if space allows. You will start all over again with the 5 breathing in and out.

A bridge pose can be executed next by placing a block between the thighs so that the legs do not wander off when trying to strike the desired pose. One positive thing with the bridge pose is that you will be able to build on strength of the sacral and inner thighs. The backbend will easily be used instead of relying on the arms.


The yoga blocks will help you carry out the Revolved triangle, resolve half moon and the Chaturanga Dandasana yoga poses. The blocks add height under the lowered hand, added strength and body awareness for each respectively.

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