3 Kundalini Yoga Meditation Techniques


Yoga is an ancient practice that many enjoy today to strengthen their body and feel a stronger connection between their mind, body, and soul. Kundalini Yoga is not as well known as some other types of yoga, but that should change. This form of yoga is a wonderful way to generate fast results for the person who practices it. “Kundalini” is often considered a large pool of possibility that exists in all of us. Practicing Kundalini Yoga is said to be a quick way to unleash that possibility and live life to your full potential.

1.Sit Cross-Legged and Comfortably

Yoga focuses on breathing and making sure that you are well aware of your breaths. Place your hands in front of your heart and press them together, then slowly breathe in in four parts. When you exhale do the opposite – breathe out four times, but don’t breathe in between exhales. With each inhale and exhale focus on pulling your belly button in to your spine to strengthen your body. Repeat these slow breathing for three minutes. This practice can be done up to three times a day and is a wonderful way to beat the afternoon slump that so many of us struggle with.

2. Improve How Flexible Your Spine Is

Begin in the usual seated position and lean back some. You’ll rotate your spine and pull your body up by your hips as you stretch. Now move to sitting on your knees and repeat the stretching as you monitor your breathing. End by stretching in the cobra pose, cat cow poses, and other leg stretches. Feel free to add the Adi Mantra chant during this exercise.

Tune Your Body’s Rhythms by Chanting the Adi Mantra

This mantra is said to tune you into the power of the energy of the universe and dispel any fear that you have. Press your palms together as before, only this time don’t have your fingers pointed straight up – angle them to your face some as you lean back. Begin chanting the Adi Mantra as you keep an eye on your breathing. You can do this exercise for as long as you’d like.

With practice you will find that Kundalini Yoga is a wonderful way to focus your body and energy and gain more patience with yourself.

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