What is Buti Yoga


In the world of yoga, there are literally hundreds of variations of the practice and you may be wondering what is Buti yoga? Buti – pronounced just like booty is a high-intensity yoga practice and the name serves as a clue as to what it’s all about. Buti yoga is a fusion of yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and body conditioning. It is very much like standard yoga only with plenty of booty shaking and gyrating to club music and heavy drums.


Buti is designed to be empowering and help you find your inner warrior, boost your confidence and have you working up a sweat in a fun yet beneficial way throughout your session. When performing poses you are encouraged to bump and grind your way through them which not only helps loosen up your muscles but tones them at the same time.

Being a high-intensity workout, buti yoga is ideal for those who want to slim down while increasing their cardio levels in a fun and adrenaline boosting way. Performed in groups, buti yoga helps motivate men and women alike into becoming a stronger, more positive version of themselves.

During a buti session, expect to perform many yoga poses such as the forward facing dog and mountain the mountain pose before switching it up to doing burpees, planks and plenty of gyration of the hips. While aspects of yoga and dance are combined in buti, it is important to remember that breathing also plays a vital role. Try to focus your breathing throughout so that you do not miss out on the calming effect that it has.

Working Out

A workout should take around 45 minutes and is best practiced 2-3 times a week for maximum results. Most versions of yoga focus on the meditative side helping you to relax and concentrate, but buti is more of the naughty little sister who wants to have fun and go a bit wild. This is not to say that it is not an excellent variation of yoga, it is perfect for people who want to achieve body goals and is a fun and thrilling way to reach them.

Buti uses the power of music to help create a feeling of inner strength and encourages its practitioners to dig deep within themselves and bring out the sexier, stronger and more willful version of themselves creating not only a stronger body but a stronger mind.

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