How Many Calories Does Bikram Yoga Burn


Yoga, on its own, does not burn calories. The hot Bikram yoga is a different kettle of fish altogether.It blasts calories in the body since it involves different poses and is performed in a heated room. With 40 % humidity and around 105 degrees in temperature, one can expect to shed several calories. It is a strenuous exercise which could pose some health risks. One should, therefore ensure consult their doctor before carrying it out.

Determining Calories

Although one cannot rate yoga with the rate of aerobic exercise, it is possible to determine how many calories you are going to lose. Your weight is the first determinant, followed by the time you take to complete one yoga session.Let us work with some assumptions to get the calorie burned.

If you weigh 150 pounds and take the standard 90 minutes for a yoga session, you will lose 716 calories. This works out to 3500 calorie shortfall to lose a pound of calories. Only through diet and exercise will you be able to post such a deficit.

Since there are many styles of yoga one can undertake, it is possible to lose various calories. Aligning the body and the mind for a 150-pound person will see them shed a whopping 284 calories within a stipulated time of 1hour 30 minutes. The Hatha yoga is the style that will enable you to lose these calories.

Burn More Calories

It is also possible to shed more calories than the 284 calories if you are able to be more athletic. The Ashtanga yoga, for instance, is more intense, meaning that you can easily shed 526 calories, which is nearly twice what you shed in the Hatha yoga, other factors kept constant.

The sequence yoga has 26 sequence postures which will help you shed a number of calories. This is because it focuses on the cardiovascular workouts. You can lose 1000 calories using this style of yoga for a person whose weight is around 150 lbs. The 1000 calories so lost are equivalent to running 6mph for a period of 1 hour, 30 minutes.

If you weigh anything between 120 and 160 lbs you will be able to shed anything in the range of 350-700 per calories for every 60 minutes of workout.

Though the yoga styles can cause nausea and dizziness, they are ideal for weight loss when performed in a regulated environment. All the same, they are helpful in reversing some health issues like diabetes.

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