How Sleep Meditation Works


For someone suffering from Insomnia, sleep meditation is just a god-sent. Insomnia is usually followed by irritability, depressed mood, low energy, day time sleepiness.

sleep meditation

“The biggest reason for insomnia is actually worrying about insomnia. Anxiety of not going to sleep is the biggest cause of not being able to sleep.”— Deepak Chopra
Melatonin, a secretion of pineal gland in darkness, is increased before you go to sleep, which ensures you sleep well during the night. Stress decreases the production of Melatonin and quality of your sleep deteriorates or you suffer from Insomnia.

In Meditation practitioners, according to research by Rutgers University, Melatonin production is increased by 98% on an average and in a few practitioners it increased by 300%. Meditators are the best sleepers and found to sleep like logs. Another research at University of Massachusetts confirms increased production of Melatonin in meditators, especially when meditated before bed time.
Melatonin also reduces Leptin, Energy Expenditure Hormone, thereby decreasing hunger. Due to insensitivity to Leptin, even when you are full and have high energy, you still tend to eat. Melatonin keeps Leptin in check and thereby uncontrolled eating ceases and keeps obesity in check.

There are 5 types of brain waves. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma. Depending on the kind of activity we do different types of waves are displayed. Excess of any of the waves is not desired and meditation promotes optimal brain wave activity, esp., Delta waves which lead to deep relaxation are optimally displayed in meditators. Also, Beta waves (waves produced during stress, anxiety) which usually block out Alpha waves (waves produced during relaxation) are kept in check by practicing meditation. Increase in Gamma waves, which play significant role in Rapid Eye Movement sleep, is obtained by meditation.

A popular spiritual master from India stressed on the significance of quality of sleep. On an average man sleeps for about 8 hours a day, which makes one third of his life spent in sleep. Given the significant duration spent in sleep, the quality of sleep is as important as the quality of activity one performs in wakefulness.

Sleep meditation is necessary not just to someone who is insomniac. The quality of activity you do depends on the quality of sleep you get. Improved sleep quality makes you feel more energetic, more restful and satisfied. Practices meditation and experience an enhanced vigor and vitality.

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