What is Kemetic Yoga


Typically, when you think of Yoga you think of poses such as downward dog, tree pose, etc. Kemetic Yoga is that but more. In fact, it’s one of the first forms of Yoga that was practiced by the Egyptians using movement and controlled deep breathing. Sense then, it has been more modernized and developed to reach a more physical and spiritual levels to those who practice Yoga.

The revitalizing and sensational practice of Yoga consist of aligning the spinal column helping correct bone structures that we have let get out of alignment or ‘bent’ into the wrong positions. While doing so we are releasing stressors, improving the circulation of our blood systems, and immediately improving the supply of nutrients and oxygens to our vital body system; while also allowing the focus of energy, internal life and the cerebral spinal fluid travel more easily and quickly through our whole body.


Kemetic Yoga helps our mind, body and soul start and complete a healing process without using extreme workout or stretches and contortionist postures that more often the others can cause severe injuries that are potential to being life threatening and cause lifelong affects to our bodies. Completing Kemetic Yoga can also help ease the completitive-ness our mind can get set into when completing other practices of Yoga, Gymnastics or other physical activities that can indeed have positive effects but are more likely to have negative effects on our bodies.

This practice was originated from the ancient Egypt, correctly being called Kemet, and is located in the Northeaster Africa and has been one of the new modernize forms of Yoga in India. The positions found in these practices and the principles of it was read through ancient writings we now know as hieroglyphic. The Egyptians from Kemet has written the benefits and how the practices are supposed to be done as well as clear pictures of the positions on the walls of the Kemetic temples where is is presumed to be practiced in the older days by the Kemetic Egyptians. With strong intentions, they had started these practices in hope to help better self-developments within those who choose to involve themselves in the art of Yoga.


It is not common to see such arts of Yoga to be found in any other countries or regions other then India as when in India it is common to see it being a part of everyday life practices including but limited to during their prayers time as a way to thank the gods for life, food and everything them and their families have been blessed with. It is considered another form of thanks to the ancient Egyptians.

With slow motion movements of your arms and bodies reaching out all around you giving thanks to the many different parts of the earth and body you have been given, the Kemetic yoga is focused to reach out to different parts of the earth using even hand motions to help signal thanks towards the many things the Egyptians were blessed with in life.

I have tried many times to find an estimate on the year or age when the art was created but there is no exact year or theory when they had started to practice as there are still more writing they are continuing to find and decrypt everyday as archaeologist continue searching for more evidence on the ancient times. Some would say it’s been around sense the beginning of time others would say it has only been around for a couple hundred decades. None of these theories have shown strong evidence supporting the given theories.

Many would say that as the art had seem to die for a couple years it has been found to be resurrecting in Africa as well as another self-development practice as well as some using it in their prayer sessions as well for those who are close with the Egyptian ways. Many of the earlier Yoga positions were so simple with slow arm movement along with intense awareness and practice of deep breathing to help reach and releasing our inner soul for the gods. Some of the Yoga routines that are followed from the writings on the temples of the Kemetic temples are sometimes stories of ancient fantasies and warriors from those in the ancient times of Egyptians.

You can find many different routines, tutorials, music as well as videos online that follow the exact routines and come with translations of the writings that are written on the walls of the temples left by the Egyptians. Many have said that the practice has become a lifestyle for them sense being rewarded by it’s spiritual as well as physical developments. Some would say that it’s like doing a magical dance that blessed miracles upon your body and granting better health for those who regularly do Kemetic Yoga. They say repetition is always best but in the case of Yoga always pushing your inner spirit and your body to another level is always best to live a life of more self-awareness and better health leading to a longer life.

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