Tips To Balance Hormones Naturally


It is important to balance hormones naturally for an optimum sense of well-being. When your hormones are balanced you will feel more energized and emotionally balanced.

hormone balance

Individuals suffering from hormonal imbalances often don’t know that this is an underlying cause for many issues including insomnia, anxiety, compromised digestion and sudden weight loss or weight gain.

When you have some form of hormonal imbalance, you may also experience powerful cravings or strong aversions to certain tastes or smells. Hormones can be balanced naturally to a large extent by simply applying the tips given below.

Detox and De-stress

A detox is always a great way to reboot your system. A detox to balance hormones can be done in two parts. An internal detox to cleanse your system from toxins and an external one to declutter and remove sources of harmful chemicals from your body care and household products.

De-cluttering the mind, your everyday activities and your environment is very conducive to balancing internally. This is also a great way to de-stress. Once you simplify your life and take more time off for aerobic exercises and regular workouts, it is much easier to bring balance to your hormones.

Take Charge of Your Gut Health

About 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. Probiotics are a great way of taking charge of your gut health. When one has a leaky gut, food from the intestines passes through the stomach lining and into the bloodstream.

This increases inflammation and affects the immunity as well. Eating more foods rich in gut-friendly bacteria will allow the stomach walls to heal. Such foods include yogurt, Kefir and fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickle.

Stabilize Blood Sugar

One of the key symptoms of hormonal balance is mood swings. Individuals with this will experience extreme highs and lows. Stabilizing the blood sugar levels can provide support to the hormones and ensure spikes do not happen.

The experience of sugar highs and lows can be avoided by eating healthy fats. Eating proteins with breakfasts help regulate blood sugar to a large extent. Consuming coconut oil and having meals on a regular basis can help regulate blood sugar.

Eat More Balancing Foods

Hormones are naturally balanced by eating these foods:
3. Quinoa
4. Root veggies like potatoes and yams
5. Pomegranates

These foods which are neutral in their sugar content ensure you get sustained energy and help satiate cravings. Apparently a mixture of butter and coconut oils in small amounts can also help.

Reduce Nervous Stimulant Use

Stimulants like coffee and alcohol can cause havoc on the nervous system. Caffeine depletes nutrients like magnesium which are necessary for healthy hormones. Gradually decreasing the consumption of both can help one to balance hormones. You can try drinking herbal teas without caffeine in the place of coffee as you gradually try to reduce your intake.


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