What is Mysore Yoga


When it comes to the art of yoga, perhaps one of the most misunderstood forms of yoga is ashtanga yoga. Too often , people assume that ashtanga is something that requires specific instruction and a slow place. While this is somewhat true, the reality is that ashtanga is one of the most basic forms of yoga, but within it, exists a subset of yoga called mysore yoga.

This form of yoga is not necessarily an entirely different form, but rather, it is more or less a subsidiary of ashtanga. Mysore yoga encompasses many of the same elements found within ashtanga, but rather than relying on the typical large group size, this form of yoga is primarily an individualized and personalized way of learning. But aside from that, there are some core differences that make mysore yoga a very, very unique form of the art form.

Breathing Techniques and Individual Pace

Rather than following a larger group-dictated structure, mysore yoga is all about taking the flow and asana (posture) pattern of one’s choice at their own pace. This means that rather than having to do the same pace that everyone else is doing, you can feasibly do whatever you want to on your own. This makes it a very unique form of yoga, a form that wouldn’t be found elsewhere. Because of this, it is a very, very unique form, and rather than following the instructions that you’d expect to see elsewhere, you can rest assured that it’s something entirely unique all to its own. It’s definitely a very fun form of yoga, and aside from following your own pace, it is also about individualized attention, something that is not very common outside of mysore yoga.

One-On-One Instruction and Attention

Unlike other forms of yoga, mysore yoga is very unique in that it emphasizes individual attention and instruction. Other forms of yoga are more about a group atmosphere, which is great and fantastic, but with mysore yoga, it is all about fostering the unique connection that exists between individuals. This means that it’s very unique and arduous, but it will take considerable effort on the part of an individual to make it work. That is primarily why a lot of newcomers struggle with this form. However, new or experienced, it is still possible to get a fantastic experience and education out of mysore yoga.

To give it a try, find your nearest mysore yoga studio and get started!

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