Poetry of Life


Most people don’t get poetry.  You almost have to get into a zone of serenity to appreciate the flow of words and the deeper meaning locked within the prose.  But poetry doesn’t just show up in obscure books at the end of the bookstore aisle where you don’t dare tread.  Poetry is all around us, so subtle and familiar that we don’t even notice.

Have you ever noticed the clouds stream across the deep blue background of sky?  What is that, if not poetry?  The clouds whisper their timid forms as they sweep the sky scape.  Is that not poetry happening right in front of our eyes?  It just takes a moment of inner silence to notice.

Have you even seen a sunrise, or a sunset?  Is that not poetry?  And it happens every single day.  Every day of your life, the sun timidly appears, roars into life, and runs fast into the horizon.  Every day this fiery poetry sustains everything on this planet.  Can you set the mind aside long enough to perceive?

Have you seen a snowy day?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen a rainy day?

Have you seen ocean waves meeting land?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen lava flow?  Glaciers or a river?

Have you seen a coral reef?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen the wind whispering to the leaves on a tree?

Have you seen anything grow?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen the grace of an animal?  A whale’s grace?

Have you seen the night sky lush with stars?  Is that not poetry?

Have you looked at microorganisms through a microscope?

Have you seen a child being born?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen a funeral pyre?

Have you seen a murmuration of birds?  Is that not poetry?

Have you seen a whirling dervish?  Or a tango?

Have you seen life around you?  Is that not poetry?

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