Stepping Out Of Negativity


Wayne Dyer said “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.  An average person produces close to 70,000 thoughts a day and about 80% of that is negative.  This is a powerful statistic. Why are we so conditioned to think negatively? As a baby, we are born with a clean slate and yet when we grow we gather more and more negative thinking patterns.  This shows that we are acquiring this bad and unconscious habit from our environment –  home, school, work etc.

We must realize that when we are born, our destiny is not set in stone. We can create whatever we wish in our life at the speed that we want to create it. Hence, our destiny is decided by the choices we make. Nature gave us a beautiful car with a great engine, accelerator and without brakes.  Yet we love to be stationary, with our hands clutched to the steering wheel, pressing hard on imaginary brakes which equates to our negative thinking.

Negative thinking is the unconscious habit we have grown over a number of years.  It has become part of our subconscious mind and surfaces at the most inopportune times, when we least expect it. The subconscious mind is a memory bank. Every thought, emotion and experience that you have is stored here, and its capacity is virtually unlimited.  Over time you have a stock pile of negative thoughts that keeps running through your mind. Your experience, which is a consequence of your thoughts and action is governed by your unconscious patterns that you have created.  As a result we are nursing bitterness and suffering, constantly depriving ourselves of what we want out of life.

The good news is that at any point in our life we can decide to make a “U” turn and make empowering choices for ourselves. So how do we turn things around so we can drive our car to fabulous destinations?  Think of your destination as a “possibility”. Imagine you are going through beautiful landscapes, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, taking breaks to smell the roses, finally arriving at your destination happy and joyful that you made the most of your journey.  Think of the landscapes at your thoughts, and the breaks to smell roses as your experiences of the journey. If that is your experience of the journey, would you not want to explore as many destinations as you can?

The first step towards that is to observe your thought patterns. Keep track of how you think as you are navigating through the various situation in life. The world that you experience for yourself is a projection of how you think. Buddha said ” we are what we think”.  Making choices is all about conscious decision making – meaning creating conscious thoughts that support your well-being.   You cannot expect that your choices will come to fruition if you have your foot on the brakes all the time. The pattern of negative thinking has to break for you to accelerate towards your destination of choice.

Spending a few minutes daily on self-reflection will help bring your awareness to how your think.  Think about what kind of person you would like to be.  Once you have a clear picture of your “new self”, add affirmations to align your thoughts to your “new-self”.  Express gratitude to the universe for everything that you have.  Practice mindfulness on a moment to moment basis, where you are aware of your thoughts, so you can bring a lasting change within you.

Be grateful that your negative thoughts are not getting manifested right then and there. We must realize the entire universe is always conspiring towards our well-being.  Every atom in our body is working to keep us alive and well.  Whenever we have sincerely wished for something, it has come true. But in our unawareness we cause damage to ourselves by indulging in negativity.  Nature has done its part.  Now it is our responsibility to live a conscious life and make conscious decisions towards our betterment, which means “changing the way we think and act to create the experience and outcome we want for ourselves”.  Start thinking “possible” and the whole universe will respond to manifest it for you.


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