Low to High Vibration


It’s always interesting when mainstream Science denies the validity of esoteric traditions, and yet when you compare mystical teachings, there is so much resonance with cutting edge science.  For example, take Superstring or M-theory – that sounds a lot like what yogic science has always said about the foundations of existence.  Namely, that the source of all existence is a reverberation.  As human beings, we experience vibrations as sounds, but even so, only a short spectrum of the frequency.  Our default nervous systems can only detect a minute range of the frequencies of light, and also of sound.  We can’t hear ultrasonic or subsonic frequencies, but they are there and reverberate in all levels of creation.

Physical matter is a manifestation of lower vibrations of existence, and in us, represents lesser awareness across the spectrum of creation.  There’s no judgement as to whether this is good or bad, it’s simply how it is.  As we elevate our inner reverberation, we begin to notice more and more about everything around us because we move more and move into the non-physical aspects of creation.

Speaking of vibration, have you ever thought about why is music so fundamental to the human experience?  No matter what culture, old or new, music is there.  It’s not because of its entertainment value, we can clearly look deeper and see what effects music has on the listener.  People use it to get into moods, increase their energy, or relax and unwind.  Obviously, there is something going on behind the level of the noise itself.  These days there are all sorts of audio tracks on YouTube, purporting to raise your vibration or cleanse your aura.

Many speak of the aura.  That is the vibration of a person beyond that which has manifested physically.  Many people can see auras, but it’s not common so it’s usually dismissed.  But as we well know, unseen does not mean it’s not there.  A person’s well-being is reflected in their aura; not to focus on it too much but it’s like telling someone’s mood by watching their body language.  The point is that our energy system is affected by sound frequencies.  So, for example, that is why you feel relaxed after a sound bath.

If our interest is spiritual growth, then we need to work with a well-tuned mechanism because we are working with very subtle arenas of existence.  A musical instrument has to be clean and tuned, if it is to sing.  It’s the same with us, we need to purify first.  That means physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically.  For example, that is why Patanjali’s yoga sutras begin with purity of thought and deed and being seeded in truth.  Only then can the other dimensions be added.  In fact, all world religions begin with moral living.  That’s the first step in elevating our vibration.

To go beyond, well that is where all of the world’s best spiritual practices enter.  To elevate our vibration, we have to lift ourselves out of the physical survival mode, out of the hoarding mode, and into a perspective of unity and service to life itself.  And a measure of that is our level of lasting happiness.  The more joyfully we live, the higher our vibration… and that is infectious if others are receptive.  Here are a few practical ways to raise our vibration:

  • Let the outcome go, and just focus on the task with full involvement
  • Give without thought to what you’ll get out of it
  • See all with eyes of wonder and curiosity
  • Pray, meditate, find stillness
  • Be grateful and humble
  • Live without resistance
  • Trust in your journey
  • Surrender to Life
  • Open your heart
  • Play and dance
  • Find joy daily
  • Love You

Watch Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkwPcVvi2IU

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