The Perfect Actor


We all watch movies and have favorite actors – Women and men who are so incredibly convincing in their roles that we forget who they are in real life.  We take for granted, at least for a couple of hours, that they are those characters.  We are in awe of their ability to take on a role so seamlessly, and to hold those characters so true to life.  And we celebrate these talents through the Academy Awards and many other awards celebrations.  We tell ourselves that we could never be that talented, that good at acting.

Well, the fact is we are perfect actors already.  In fact, we are so good at it and have fully embraced our characters so completely that we actually deny our true Self and vehemently defend being the character.  So total is the misconception that we clutch on to our layered identities to the death, and then go on to fear that supposed end as well.  The universe, or the divine, or whatever you call it… That is here playing out a totally unique character that has been given your name.  And it is so good at it that we believe we are this person.  We treat each other as separate, as we treat nature.  We have forgotten the truth.  And yet, Tat Tvam Asi.  You are That.

Awakening is the realization of that mystical truth.  Everyone has the capacity to see this truth, you simply have to zoom out.  It’s a matter of perspective.  We are far too involved with the details of our lives to see it in context.  All our worries, opinions and desires for certain outcomes, our judgments about past events and likes, dislikes, all conspire to keep us untangled in the weeds.  There is a seed within us all to be free from all this.

What is needed is the ability to take a step back and observe.  Simply be aware.  Practice awareness all the time.  After a while, the glue of entanglement becomes less sticky and there is a subtle detachment.  There comes a recognition of the being behind the actor.  And eventually the actor is let go of.

The fundamental underpinning emerges, that of the blissfulness of being.  Life just flows, and the inter-connectivity of everything is simply obvious.  There is no question of separateness.  Existence is seen as perfect just as it is, even amongst the alleged chaos.  All fear dissipates, including that of death because the realization comes that there is no such thing.

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