How Many Calories Burned in Hot Yoga


Hot yoga can have several benefits on your practice, as the hot and humid conditions can increase your flexibility in poses, while it also helps you burn more calories, even though you are only doing an exercise which is considered to be a moderate one. Any yoga style that utilizes heat and humidity for enhanced results can be considered as hot yoga, as opposed to the general belief that only the Bikram style falls into this category (however that is still the most popular form of hot yoga). Even though there is a logical reason why people choose hot yoga as a technique for getting into a better shape but is it really helping you to burn more calories than regular yoga exercises? Let’s find out!

Even though you should be probably focusing much more on practicing those poses, you are not alone with your curiosity. As we finally decide to stick with a fitness activity, knowing the number of calories you are burning per hour can help you keep your motivation high. People are capable of doing anything to finally get those awesome looks they were after. Just like with hot yoga, where you should be having 40 percent of humidity, and a room heated up to one-hundred-five degrees.

What is Hot Yoga?

The basic concept behind hot yoga is pretty straightforward: the heat will increase your body’s energy demand, making it burn more calories. It also helps you loosen your muscles allowing you a higher level of flexibility through those 26 poses that for example Bikram yoga uses. There might be some skeptics out there, but in fact, this simple idea can do wonders to the numbers of calories that you are burning.

As previous research has shown, hot yoga can help you burn almost three times more calories per session than a regular would. Since yoga classes usually teach the classic Hartha yoga, in these cases you will be burning approximately 180 calories per hour, while with hot yoga, you can easily burn up to 475 calories per hour. Therefore, with a typical 90 minutes Bikram session, you can simply end up burning more than 700 calories. The basic idea surprisingly seems to work.

In case you are planning to get more calories burned, you should also focus on consistency, as obviously, you can burn more calories if you have yourself a steady workout plan. On the other hand, eating healthy, keeping yourself hydrated and also getting enough sleep can also help you fight those nasty calories.

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