What is Moksha Yoga


With so many different kinds of yoga available to you, you may find that you’re not sure which yoga class is the right one to meet your needs. Yoga studios are popping up all over the world, some offering kinds of yoga that you may not have ever heard of. Moksha yoga is one such kind of yoga that, while it may be new to you, may be just what you’re looking for to revitalize your yoga practice.

What is Moksha Yoga?

Moksha yoga is similar to Bikram yoga, but does have some major differences. It is a cardio hot yoga that will tone your body and strengthen and stretch your muscles, while at the same time calming your mind. While Bikram yoga is more straightforward, teachers in Moksha yoga can bring a little variety to each class. The classes will also focus a lot on upper body while also including some time spent opening the hips and working on decreasing lower-back pain. The hot room that is used for Moksha yoga practice helps users stretch deeply and will detox your blood, skin, and muscles through sweat.

Who Should Try Moksha Yoga?

Moksha yoga is for everyone, whether you’re new to the mat or could probably teach a class itself. The teachers focus on making each class accessible so that all yoga practicers can enjoy this form of yoga.The teachers are happy to work with people of all abilities and can help modify poses so that everyone is safe and enjoying the practice. While it doesn’t matter your ability, there are some health problems that may keep you away from practicing Moksha yoga. These include people with heart problems, although getting a note clearing you from the doctor is enough for you to be able to enjoy these hot classes. Another group of women who shouldn’t participate are women who are in their first trimester. The heated room can be uncomfortable or unsafe for them, and the Moksha teachers wouldn’t want anything to happen to anyone in the class, even if it is just being lightheaded and uncomfortable.

What’s Special About the Teachers?

All yoga instructors are special people who are focused on not only the physical health of the people in their classes, but also the emotional and mental health. The yogis who go through over 500 hours of training to become certified to teach Moksha yoga classes understand how the mind, body, and spirit all work together to make a person healthy and complete. With that knowledge, they want to show everyone how to lead their best lives possible. They encourage richness in life and also supporting others and the world. More than just teaching a class, Moksha yoga teachers want to make you healthy and inspired to go out and change the world and make it healthy, as well.


With an active online community, people who practice Moksha yoga can easily find support from others who share their values. With a blog, twitter, facebook, and instagram account, the Moksha yoga movement is gaining in momentum and refuses to leave anyone behind. This is amazing news for anyone who is looking to be part of a supportive group larger than themselves, as the Moksha yoga yogis are accessible and kind to all who practice this type of yoga, and also to the rest of the world.

The Seven Pillars

Moksha yoga enjoys values that are based on the seven pillars. These philosophical ideas are what guide not only the practice, but also the lives of those yogis who enjoy Moksha yoga. The seven pillars are “be peace”, “reach out”, “live to learn”, “community support”, “live green”, “be accessible”, and “be healthy”. By combining these values into their lives and using them with their interactions with others and in their self-care, Moksha yogis are making the world a better place. These values focus on taking care of the Earth and each other, making healthy choices in all areas of their lives, support others in their differences, and reaching out and learning whenever possible. By living by these philosophical pillars, Moksha yogis make sure that their practice and lives reflect one another and that they make the world a better place.

Anyone looking to deepen their understanding of how yoga can be part of a healthy life would benefit from trying to Moksha yoga class. The support of the other practicers and of the teacher can’t be overstated, and by allowing this kind of positive philosophical ideas into their lives, everyone can become a better version of themselves. Moksha yoga doesn’t just focus on being flexible and reducing pain the body. It also encourages people to be healthy in all areas of their lives and to take care of others and the planet. It’s a wonderful way to learn to care for others and for yourself!

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