How Hot Is Bikram Yoga


There have been safety concerns regarding Bikram yoga as the 26 yoga poses are performed in heated rooms of up to 40 degrees centigrade. One may either suffer from heat stroke or exhaustion.

One Session For The Bikram Yoga Lasts 90 Minutes.

Once you are devoted to the Bikram yoga, you will have to endure the heat. There is searing heat which makes you break into a sweat as you switch from one style to the net. The heat and the workout have been researched and found to cause fluctuation in the heart rate. The body’s core temperatures reach dangerous levels, exposing one to the aforementioned heat stroke. As a pose becomes more difficult to execute, the fluctuations change. In both men and women carrying out the various yoga exercises, the temperature increases throughout the 90-minute session.

Heat Intolerance

Some people who take part in the Bikram yoga may be able to tolerate heat of up to 40 degrees. This does not mean that the temperature is safe. On the other hand, there are some benefits when one perspires since toxins are removed from the body.

If the heat is too intense in a typical work outfit is advisable to reduce the time taken in one session. This will protect one from the intense heat averaging 40 degrees centigrade. The heat in the room can also be reduced while at the same time increasing water intake in between the breaks.

All said and done, it is important for one to be acclimatized to the hot and humid environment in which the yoga Bikram is carried out. Thermo-regulation must be understood since it underlies the 26 yoga styles as exemplified in the hot Bikram yoga.

Due to the intensity of the heat, there are some issues which arise. One of them is what we call vasodilation. The other potential risk is blood pooling. Both of these due to the various numbers of poses executed during the 90-minute session of hot Bikram yoga.

Though this yoga style has become a craze, there is a need to have an understanding the dangers of the heat. The external heat and the body temperature are important fundamental attributes of the yoga Bikram. For instance, the external heat alone can raise the temperature to the room to as high as 100 degrees centigrade.The body cools down through conduction evaporation and convection, all of which can be interfered with, leading to sickness.

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