How to Learn Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga yoga could be the type of yoga for you if you are a high-energy individual. Many practitioners of this form of yoga Crossover as cyclists and swimmers and overall outdoorsy types. Give this type of yoga shot if you are always on edge to do something active. Compared with other traditional forms of yoga it is quick paste and a great workout for the hips and shoulders and hamstrings.

Heat and Absorption

One thing you can expect about this form of yoga, is that the class itself is going to be hot. Most classes keep the temperature up so that you’re sweating even more. You want to wear something that will absorb your sweat as you go. Also make sure that you have a decent Matt that can absorb sweat without creating a massive pool that will affect your technique. You have to be careful because certain mats will become more slippery the more you sweat.

Seeing as this is the case, it’s important to get a mat with a very good grip as well as liquid absorption. For certain positions where you have to get a good grip on your legs it is recommended That you pick out a decent pair of pants that will allow your hands to not slip. You might also consider keeping a towel handy so that you can take care of excessive perspiration on your body.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every instructor is different. Some of them feel as though drinking water during practices the wrong way to go. If you have an instructor that feels so it is important that you get hydrated during the day before you hit the studio.

Repetition and Technique

Remember the Ashtanga yoga is about repetition. It has been taught since about 1948 and the sequences are very repetitive do not involve a lot of variety. You will get used to the same movements every class. Usually you can pick between a primary or intermediate course. Most people start off with a primary considering that the Ashtanga yoga is pretty difficult. Chances are you can visit different Studios throughout the world and you will likely be exposed to a similar course.

If you memorize the sequences you can then take the practice into the comfort of your own home. Some people love this form of repetition. Others prefer a type of yoga with more variety. It all depends on your personality. It is however considered a form of active meditation. You will likely leave class not only tired but at ease and relieved

Keep in mind that during a Ashtanga yoga classes the instructors are very physical. Sometimes they will make contact with you, expect this and do not be surprised. It can be different at first, but you will soon grow accustomed to this norm within this form of yoga.

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