How to Learn Kriya Yoga


Kriya is considered a sacred science as well as a classic form of yoga. It is said that love, and creativity can be found in this form of yoga in a lasting way. When we experience divine nature of our own beings, we tap into a resource of new joy that was formerly unknown. As our journey practicing Kriya yoga unveils we become stronger individuals on a daily basis and are more in tune with the universe.

The Purpose Of Kriya Yoga

This form of yoga seeks to teach Advanced Techniques that are said to liberate one’s soul from both personal judgments and agony’s. It is said that Kriya yoga is a direct form of communication with both God and a way to open the channel of communication with your soul. If you are coming to yoga with the desire to liberate your soul, then you probably a found the right technique for you.

Former sages of India have long considered this form of yoga is spiritual science. It is often referred to and many poetic stanzas throughout literary history. Respected teachers say that even Jesus Christ was well aware of this form of meditation. Not to mention that his disciples as well could have possibly been practitioners.

Kriya Yoga History

During the Dark Ages, it is said that Kriya had been completely forsaken. It was then later on reintroduced into society. Eventually it was considered wise to bring the spiritual practice to the West. Perhaps it was too powerful a form yoga to remain contained to only one location.

This form of yoga utilizes a psychophysical routine. It is designed to prepare you for full-fledged meditation. Many people practice this form of yoga not only as a form of meditation, but do so before and actual session of meditation itself. By practicing this regularly you help to promote relaxation both mentally and physically. You will reinvigorate your body strength and induce in yourself a greater capacity for concentration. You will soon realize that your ability to draw energy is substantially stronger. As your body purifies and strengthens it will thank you in return. Individual exercises, called energization exercises each take about 15 minutes and total. They are short and effective. This form of yoga has been noted to help and eliminate stress in busy, worn out people.

As previously mentioned, this technique develops your capacity for concentrating. It is common that regular practice will result in higher productivity in the workplace. This technique will teach you how to focus your mind on the task at hand rather than be distracted by outer situations. Giving you the opportunity to get in touch with the Divine Consciousness that we all possess within.

Compared with other forms of yoga, Kriya is not passive in that your powers of concentration will be not only utilized but developed. You will learn the true nature of concentration if you are new to this form of yoga. If you are looking to develop inner divine qualities then Kriya is definitely right for you. Supporters of this technique often attest to the awareness and presence of the Holy Ghost. After practicing for awhile you will soon realize that your awareness has expanded beyond the limitations it was originally constricted by.

Have no doubt, this form of yoga is an advanced technique. It involves getting in touch with your life’s energy. It is said to revitalize forms of energy that have long been dormant within your body. The spine itself is very important in Kriya yoga. Ancient teachers always regarded the spine as a tree of life. Out from the spine the energies of life flow. Every tissue of the body is subsequently nurtured. As you can see, the ancient teachers that practiced this form of yoga took it very seriously. It is by no means considered a modern or Western sellout version of yoga. It is highly revered in the Orthodox yoga community.

If you practice this form of yoga correctly, you will slow down your nervous system. This means giving your heart and lungs a break. The goal is to induce a lasting inner Stillness in the body and mind. The natural state of up and down emotions and thoughts will be momentarily silenced. This form of stillness is unmatched. As soon as you experience it for yourself, you will come back to Kriya sessions again and again. If you are looking for an inner peace and a connection with your higher power than look no further.

Give Yourself Time

Allow yourself to gradually adjust to this form of yoga. Like anything else it is best to not expect results immediately. Although you will certainly experience some short-term results lifetime of practicing this form of yoga will also carry its own exclusive rewards. The point is that it is advised to give yourself time to adjust. It’s just like anything else. Allow yourself more than a day to get in touch with who you are as a person and the Creator. By establishing yourself at the head of your life’s energy flow, you we’ll bring these benefits into every aspect of your life.

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