20 Minute Yoga Workout To Wake Up


Yoga comes in many styles and forms. It is important to choose a yoga workout that works best with your body type. Whatever your choice, a simple yoga routine in the morning right after a quick shower can truly keep you going for the rest of the day. After this yogic workout you may not need to reach for that cup of coffee to get you going.


Unlike regular workouts you don’t need to head to the gym or equipment or fast-paced music to pump you up. Just a yoga mat and a motivated you will suffice. Once you build your strength and flexibility a yoga workout can be great fun and something you actually begin to look forward to every morning.

Also because of the nature of what yoga is, the risk of injury is much lower if simply practiced with attention and care. Settling into the poses gently and pushing past the body’s limitations slowly can be an invigorating experience as you start your day.

In most yoga sessions you will be holding poses. In a yoga workout session however you reduce the holding time and transition at a greater pace holding your own. Given below are some of basic poses that you may choose to hold individually or in sequence for a better flow.

Forward Fold
Forward Fold

The Standing Forward Fold
To perform the standing forward fold pose, begin with the standing mountain pose placing your feet together and your hands on your hips. Spread your weight evenly across the heels and arches of your feet.

Then move your feet to be hip-width apart and bend at the hip area, extending your body forwards and down towards your legs. Hold this pose and take several deep breaths, being conscious of sucking your belly button up towards your spine. Reach your arms down towards your ankles and then wrap your hands around them, hold the pose for up to one minute before slowly returning to the standing mountain pose.


The Cat/Cow Pose
Begin on hands and knees, with your back straight. Your legs and arms should be straight and centered properly beneath you, to form a tabletop position. On an inhale, arch your back up high into a rounded ‘cat’ position. Your shoulder’s should move back slightly, and your back should be arched, but your legs should still be straight. On an exhale, release the ‘cat’ position all the way down, allow your back to curve inwards and your shoulders sink to the front. This is a ‘cow’ position. Repeat at least three times to get the most from this position.


The Downward Dog Pose
To perform the standing mountain pose, begin with placing your hands and knees on the floor. Place your hands directly under your shoulder location and your knees beneath your hip area. Point and extend your middle fingers out in front of you.

Then gently suck your belly button towards your spine and start to lift your buttocks into the air, straight up. Keep your arms and legs straight, do not bend at the knees or elbows. The body should now resemble an upside down V with your buttocks being the highest point. Breath in deeply and hold the pose for up to 30 seconds before reversing the position back to the starting pose.
You may wish to perform multiple cycles of the poses above to make for a more intense workout.

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