Be Empowered With YogAffirmation


Thoughts are very powerful.  All the good and bad that has manifested in this world is the result of thoughts put into action. We enjoy the conveniences that are the benefits of great discoveries or inventions which are nothing but a stream of thoughts that become tangible in the physical world.  Similarly bad outcomes transpire as a result of strong ideologies, which don’t benefit anyone.  So it is very important that we become aware of how we think. Empowering thoughts enhance our overall well-being, because it makes us feel good, connects us better with everything around us and puts us in tune with the larger cosmic energy.  Our mind, body, emotions and energy are at ease and in harmony with each other.

Building a daily practice where we energize our whole being put us on the road to well-being.  The first step in that direction is to be mindful of how we think.  Daily affirmation helps change the thought pattern.  Affirmations are specific statements that help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. They help you visualize and create positive changes in your life.

Adding yoga to the affirmation process becomes a powerful force . Affirmations start clearing the negative thought patterns and open our mind to new possibilities. Yoga brings balance to the mind, body, emotions and energies transforming us into joyful and blissful beings.  By combining these two techniques we seek to  strengthen mind, body and energy connections. Regular practice can help bring deep transformation in the mind, body and spirit.

A slow yoga practice where you stay in the pose for a longer duration helps the affirmation to sink in. Slow yoga practice is known to settle the mind. As your mind clears while in the pose, you can bring a focus to your affirmation as you say it, and start feeling the energy of the affirmation transmitting to your entire being. This makes the affirmation more powerful and coupled with the transformation that happens to the system through the yoga poses, can bring positive changes in your life.

Life transforming experiences become an accidental happening unless you are able to give it some time, effort and attention. The invitation to make your life into what you want it be is always there.  So take this moment, reflect and visualize on what it feels like to be in total wellbeing and harmony.  If you are ready to embark on this journey of transforming yourself watch this video on affirmations and Yin Yoga.

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