List of Mantras for Peace and Bliss


Mantras are an arrangement of sounds. There are different types of mantras created for different purposes. There are mantras for health, wealth and success. There are also mantras to stimulate the intellect, establishing inner peace and bringing a balance to the system.


The most popular mantras belong to the Vedic system and the Buddhist system. There are popular mantras that one can chant for overall well-being or mantras for very specific purposes. For instance, some practices speak of less-known mantras which can be used to send the practitioner on a trip abroad. It is best to exercise caution when employing mantras in general and particularly obscure ones that promise unrealistic goals.

It is key that the mantras are received from the right source. Care should be taken that the mantras are pronounced correctly as the efficacy of the mantra is directly related to the reverberations. There are some mantras that are safe and can be practiced by anyone without any concern for of unfavorable repercussions.


This simple primordial syllable is the fundamental sound of creation. Uttering it can bring a sense of union within oneself and with the nature around you. Om is the most significant mantra across diverse spiritual paths like Tibetan Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism and the science of yoga. Chanting om can bring about balance to your physical and mental systems.

Om is called the pranava mantra in yoga as it nurtures the life force within us. This can bring a beautiful sense of peace and well-being to your entire day. It is best to chant in a quiet place either indoors or outdoors when you are by yourself and you know you will not be disturbed.

Om Mani Padme Hum

This is one of the most significant mantras of the Buddhist path. The mantra translates to ‘I am the Jewel in The Lotus’ referring to the spark of the divine that exists within all of us. A very beautiful mantra that can bring a certain serenity to your being and a remove the disturbances from your life.

This mantra can also bring about the flowering of light within you. The light of clarity, calmness and quietude which will equip you to handle difficult situations in life. You can begin by chanting for ten minutes a day as you focus on your breath and visualize a beautiful lotus blooming in your heart center. You may wish to increase the length of your chanting to deepen your practice.

The mantra is supposed to cleanse the system on the elemental level and removes negativity from the mind and your life. Chanting for a short duration of ten minutes can be beneficial to everyone but check with a trusted source if you wish to deepen the practice. As this mantra is capable of changing your life dramatically it must be done under guidance.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

This mantra calls upon Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular and much loved Hindu gods and is traditionally invoked before the start of any venture. He is said to bestow auspiciousness and prosperity.

Chanting this mantra can bring about a smooth passage to your life free of trials and turbulence. It can also give you the courage to take on a new venture or challenges you are faced with in your daily life.

Choose whichever mantra resonates best with you and begin your chanting practice right away for a more blissful and peaceful you!

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