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You really want something but it does not transpire for you. Every human being has been in this situation of giving their best shot at something, but it still does not materialize for them. It could be a fantastic job offer which they missed, a great opportunity to move to a country of their choice, or a relationship which broke or did not work out in the long run. It is so devastating to be in these circumstances as the future looks so bleak and miserable.

Some call its destiny and get bogged down in despair as they feel life has not been fair to them. Some call it bad luck and blame it on the stars. They get caught up in astrology and do various things to maneuver lucky charms in their favor. The rest fight, scream complain and end up in bitterness.

Finally, when majority of the people look back at their past, they feel the defining moment was when things did not work out the way they wanted. This seems like a catch 22 situation. The best scenario being denied, yet in retrospect after twenty years, one’s life took a turn for the better. Very Strange yet true.

The biggest takeaway to learn from this is that everyone has to face new challenges and problems in their Lives. The crucial part of this process is our OWN attitude. We can accept the obstacle or hardship with dignity. Our endeavor should be tackling the obstacle to the best of the ability without getting too attached to the outcome. Once we reach a dead end then we need to accept the current status however painful it may be for us. The defining moment is to have no regrets and to move on with no hatred or resentment. This mental state allows us to carve a new path. We feel empowered to create a better life than what we were hoping for. Thus, we surrender to the forces higher than us to guide us on our journey which will be deep and meaningful.

This powerful way of thinking drastically changes our perspective and the difficulties we face become opportunities to be taken advantage of.  The pain associated dilutes and almost transforms into a new enthusiasm to experience Life! Every day is a NEW day for us; we don’t know what is in store. But we take it in our stride as a way to experience as New beginning for us.

True Surrender comes into effect with our own mindset. If we surrender in despair with negativity, it won’t really work for us. We need to develop a mental clarity to avoid labeling any situation as predicament in our lives. We need to instill this faith within ourselves. These are real opportunities to be availed of. With this new approach, we understand the depth of this phrase “A Blessing in Disguise”. The Universe opened thousand more possibilities for us once we decided to ride any challenging wave with a conviction of eagerness and energy.

This earnestness leads us into avenues we may have never even imagined as we may have underestimated our own competence and capability.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Onus is on us to decide which direction we focus our energy. Be cautious not to get lost in the dark cloud, or else you may completely miss the silver lining which will empower you to shine in every circumstance of Life.

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