5 Good Calming Yoga Poses


Some yoga poses are particularly designed to help you find some calm and peace, even though you are constantly moving your body for the sequences. While you are so accustomed to being on the go, you can conquer the most difficult tasks if you can find a way to keep your mind centered throughout your activities. By keeping your attention turned inward, then your mind would stay stable and serene even when your body becomes challenged. Try the following yoga poses to get a calm and peaceful mind.

1. Garundasana or the Eagle Pose

To start, look for a thing that is immovable to help you establish good balance and then shift your weight into your right foot with control and grace. Cross your right leg over the left one once or twice, and then sink your hips low. Wrap your left elbow over the right one, as well as your forearms. Finally, press your palms into each other and pull your fingertips up towards the sky, while you press your elbows forward and sink your hips a bit lower. Engage your core and then hold for five deep breaths.

2. Anjaneyasana or High Lunge Crescent Variation

From the Downward Dog Pose, step your foot forward between your hands, while making sure your front knee is stacked above the ankle with your thigh being parallel to the mat as much as possible. In an energetic manner, press through your back heel to keep your back leg engaged and then keep your hips square and your thighs spiraled in towards each other. Engaging your core, draw your ribs down and in, and then take deep breathes for about five inhales and exhales.

3. Virabhadrasana or Warrior III

Being in the Dancer’s Pose, keep your gaze focused as you release your lifted leg, extending your leg long behind you with your toes flexed downward. As you come into the Warrior III Pose, try creating the letter “T” with your body and then try to keep your lifted leg in line with the floor, engaging your standing leg. When extending your lifted leg and pushing yourself away from the floor, make sure you do not lock the knee of your standing leg. Draw your belly in, square your hips and hold for five deep breaths.

4. Natarajasana or Dancer’s Pose

Maintaining your focus on the Dancer’s Pose, keep your weight grounded on your standing foot, and then unwind your legs, extend your top leg long behind you and grab your foot’s inside with your palm facing outward. Extend forward your opposite arm and start to slowly tilt your body while maintaining even balance. Keep your lifted foot pressed into your hand to create a deep backbend for your spine. Breathe deeply for three to five times.

5. Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge

Place your right leg gently behind you into a low lunge and lower your knee to the floor. Sinking into your hips, make sure your left knee will be stacked above your left ankle. Then, lift your arms over your head and lean back, while making sure your back foot points straight back and the top of your foot pressed on the floor. Take five deep breaths.

Now, if you want to get a sense of calm and relaxation in you, you can start with the above-mentioned yoga poses.

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