9 Best Bhakti Yoga Poses


The practice of yoga can promote a healthy lifestyle with the right approach and devotion. One type of yoga that is more focused on the spiritual or the religious aspect is Bhakti yoga. It is the yoga of devotion and love. In fact, those who practice this type of yoga have devoted themselves to the love of God or a greater power.

People engaged in practicing Bhakti yoga have been known to express their religious devotion via chanting, prayer, and ritual. It is their intention to develop feelings of devotion and love that is unconditional. Unlike other yogic forms, it does not involve any extensive practices.

Here are popular Bhakti yoga practices that you can mimic so that you can achieve a healthier lifestyle.

1. Singing for Enlightenment

One of the techniques in yogic philosophy that enables one to find a place inside oneself is through singing. This can be done by singing hymns especially to God. One of the more traditional forms of bhakti yoga is the kirtan or the call-and-response chanting. Kirtan is otherwise known as praise. By singing specific songs, the people are able to worship specific deities. Most of the time, kirtan gatherings can be seen in concert halls, yoga studios, and retreat centers.

2. Shravana

This form of devotion is done by listening to ancient scriptures. This can be very effective when a saint or a genuine bhakta has been the source of such scriptures.

3. Smarana

This can be achieved by constant meditation upon the Divine name or form.

4. Padasevana

This one can be done by the so-called service at the feet of the Divine that should incorporate the practice regarding karma yoga or the selfless service with the bhakti or devotion.

5. Archana

This is the ritual worship for the Divine through some practices including the puja or the deity worship and the homa or havan that is referred to as the fire offering.

6. Vandana

It is the prostration at the image of the chosen representation or image of the Divine.

7. Dasya

It is the unquestioning devotion to the Divine that should involve the cultivation of serving God’s will instead of the personal ego of an individual.

8. Sakhya

This term is referred to as the relationship and the friendship that has been established between the devotee and the Divine.

9. Atmanivedana

It is the complete surrender and self-offering of the self towards the Divine.

Among these practices, the most popular limb of the Bhakti yoga is the kirtana or kirtan. Basically, bhakti can be practiced by itself or through integration by other types of spiritual practices or yoga.

There are huge benefits of bhakti as it can soften the heart as it removes anger, arrogance, egoism, hatred, jealousy, lust, and pride. In turn, it infuses bliss, divine ecstasy, joy, knowledge, and peace. Thus, all anxieties, cares, fears, mental torments, and tribulations will eventually vanish entirely. More so, the devotee will be freed from the Samsaric wheel of birth and death. Accordingly, he will be able to attain immortal dwelling, bliss, and knowledge.

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