4 Taoist Meditation Techniques


Taoism is a common meditation technique between the Hinduism and Buddhism. Of all the meditative techniques which came from India, Taoist meditative technique is the most down to earth. The technique is practical rather than abstract. When meditating in this technique, the ‘medicator’ creates energy which is then transformed during circulation of energy in the system. The transformative energy improves one’s overall health including long life (longevity).

Primary Guidelines

The ‘jing’ and the ‘ding’ are the main guidelines of Taoist meditation. Jing is for stillness or calmness while ding is for focus. When we take the meditative state of mind, we shut out all the external stimuli and instead draw from the inside the higher spiritual forces of self-awareness tend to fight our ego which represents the emotional mind. When this begins to happen, the mind will refuse to cooperate. Re-establishing the internal focus calls for mastery of the following techniques.

1. Catching the Stream of Consciousness

You will be called upon to draw your attention to the flow of energy both the inhalation and exhalation. The inflow-outflow out of the nostrils will aid one to re-establish the flow of energy in the vital parts of the body.

2. Abdomen and Navel

There is need to focus energy on the navel and the abdomen as they move up and down when breathing.

3. Clear Mind Distraction

The focus of the mind is vital in this technique. To shut off distractions, you need to focus on the flame of a candle with your eyes half-closed. The half-closed eyes should be drawn to the center of the flame without losing sight of the edges of the flame. The peripheral vision should help you achieve the latter.

4. Sacred Syllable Chanting

The chanting of the mantra will help harmonize the energy flowing within as well as focus the mind. The most common chakra sounds are ‘Om’,’ah’ and ‘hum’. They are used for body stability, energy harmonization and concentration of the spirit respectively.

There is a technique known as the cool-down-energy method. One beats drum to create vibrations aimed at removing distractive thoughts.

Lastly, have a vision of a deity appearing in a suspended state right above you. Whilst maintaining the still but stable state, allow the vision to disappear from view.Then resume practicing your meditation technique.

It is important to note that Taoist meditation technique works in 3 main body levels or stateside body,breath and the mind.

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