How to Stop Stressing and Worrying


The only thing that getting stressed out and worrying does is completely sap you of your strength, force you to act with blinders on, and really limit your creativity and your problem-solving capabilities. Unfortunately, most of us deal with a considerable amount of stress and worry on a daily basis. Our lives are incredibly fast-moving, the rules for daily life change on an almost daily basis, and traditional norms have been disappearing and transforming at a pace never seen before in human history.

Bottom Line – There’s Plenty To Get Stressed Out About!

At the same time, it is absolutely mission-critical that you do everything in your power to learn how to stop stressing and worrying as much as you are able to. As we highlighted above, these negative feelings are only going to limit your ability to grow and to succeed and they have absolutely zero positive benefits whatsoever. Here are some tips to help you kick worrying to the curb once and for all.

Set Aside a Designated “Freak Out” Time

The best thing that you can do to really marginalize stressing out and worrying is to schedule it like you would any other appointment. Yes, you’re going to feel a little bit goofy the first time that you schedule your “freak out time”, but when you take this kind of approach you’re going to realize just how foolhardy it is to worry and stress out in the first place. This is really, really powerful stuff so make sure that you follow through and actually try this out in your own life. It’s a great way to figure out how to stop stressing and worrying once and for all.

Stop Going To Media That Has Only One Focus – Stressing You Out And Forcing You To Worry

The daily news (regardless of where you get your news from) has only one mission each and every single day – to shock you so much that you have to pay attention to whatever it is that they are telling you, and to cause you so much stress and worry that you take whatever action it is they are recommending.

A big part of why we are all walking around in a constant state of anxiety is because we are bombarded with negative news on a 24/7 basis. Yes, some good news gets slipped in every now and again (on accident, it seems) the bulk of news is terrible. Pull yourself out of this vicious cycle and you will be able to figure out how to stop stressing and worrying almost automatically.

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