5 Mantra Meditation Techniques


Before you find yourself indulged in the world of meditation, the first vital point is to clear up a few things. Why do you feel you would need meditation in your life? What are your goals? What do you expect from applying meditation to your daily routine? The goals vary from person to person, either they are seeking alternative techniques to achieve better health conditions, a spiritual connection, or wish to bring calamity into their life. By answering these basic questions before deciding on your meditation technique can save you time get you closer to what you are really after. Even before starting your mantra, dedicate some time every day to clear your mind, and focus on your goals with the mantra used that day.

Mantra Meditation And Its Effects

The popularity of mantra meditation is still on a rise, even though this meditation technique requires constant practicing and considerable time investment to master it. This technique uses two basic elements: meditation and mantra chanting. While positively affecting your heart rate and blood pressure, it helps you to get rid of your biggest fears; mantra meditation has an almost never ending list of health and life benefits. In case you are seeking something on a spiritual level, mantra meditation can bring you closer to that desired spiritual connection also.

Finding The Right Mantra

The other positive effect of having clear answers to the questions above is that you can more easily decide on which mantras fits you the best or will deliver the result you are after. These mantras, if chosen correctly, will make you feel the vibrant energy of the chanted words, helping you get more relaxed and into a deeper meditative state. The vibration levels are different with each mantra, so search for the ones that can bring you closer to your goals.

The 5 Most Popular Mantras

There is a wide range of mantras which you can choose from. Below we created a short list with the most popular ones and categorized them by their effect.

1. Om / Aum
This chant is the most simple mantra out there, creating positive vibrations. You will feel these vibrations mostly centered in your lower body.

2. Shanti
Meaning “peace” in Sanscrit, it is usually mixed with the Om / Aum mantra to achieve an even deeper meditative state.

3. Maha
The “Hare Krishna” mantra will help you to put your mind at peace, while others consider it to be a the key to salvation.

4. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
Meaning “may all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.” This sentence creates a flow of positive energy. It should be repeated at least 3 times.

5. Om namah shivaya
As a tribute payed to Shiva, this mantra helps you to build confidence your confidence and focus on your spiritual connections. You should repeat it at least 3 times.

How to Start

After deciding on the mantra that fits your needs, first take a few seconds before meditating to clear your mind. Clear all thoughts and focus on what you would like to achieve that day. If you find yourself stuck coming up with a specific goal for today’s mantra, think of simple things relaxing. This should help you get into an even deeper meditative state. Find yourself a comfortable, slightly darker place and sit into a cross-legged position. Close your eyes and relax. Once you feel like you are getting close to the desired state, close your hands together, to form a praying hand. If you leave a small space between, it might help you feel the flow of energy. Finally, lower your chin to have the perfect posture, helping you achieve the perfect state of meditation.

Breathing and Chanting

Breathing is an important part of all meditation techniques. Just as with other techniques, mantra meditation needs you to pay attention to your breathing closely. While doing so, you shouldn’t try to control it, instead, try to focus on the process taking place. It might take some time to let go of your breathing, but with time you will do so instinctively. Once you have got to the point where you are not controlling purposely your breathing and you feel calm, you should start chanting the chosen mantras for as long as you feel its positive effects.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

The benefits of meditation are obvious, while to master the techniques you will have to invest considerable time. Don’t feel demotivated if, in the beginning, you face some challenges to achieve a deep state of meditation, don’t give up, as there is always a learning curve. Instead, go and find your perfect mantra still today.

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