2 Third Eye Meditation Techniques


Third eye meditation involves various techniques that help bring out the psychic visions. In many religions including Theosophy and Hinduism, the pineal gland is your third eye, and it is in the middle of your forehead, above the junction of the brow line. Many meditation techniques are in place to get you to open your third eye. Ensuing are some of the third eye meditation techniques to help you explore an entirely new world of auras, spirit guides and angels.

478 Breathing Technique

This is a faster and quicker technique to get into a meditative technique. For this third eye meditation technique, you will have to be in a quiet place and control your breathing. Your breathing needs to be deep to evoke a trance state of mind. 478 means that you inhale through your nostrils for 4 seconds hold the breath for 7 seconds and slowly exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds.

As you do the 478 breathing technique, the tip of your tongue should be at the back of your teeth to help you get into the trance state of mind. Look at the position of your third eye, and control your breath. You will open your third eye with this technique when practiced for two minutes a day and increase as you get better.

Clairvoyance Technique

This method requires deep breathing. As you begin your meditation session, place your hand on your stomach and inhale. Direct the air to your stomach to do deep breathing right. Close your eyes and visualize the number ‘1’. Only focus on the number without caring for the size or the number. When correctly done you will start to feel a tingly sensation at the location of your third eye. It might take a few sessions for some people to get the sensation.

Hold the image of the number in your mind for a few seconds. Once you are comfortable with the number, envision up to number ten. If this proves to be a hard nut to crack, write the number on a piece of paper and stare at it for up to 30 seconds, close your eyes and visualize the number.

Both of these meditation techniques will be instrumental in opening your third eye. You can also include mantras and chakras while meditating to open and focus your third eye. Practice is the best way to harness these techniques to strengthen your spiritual connection withal perception.

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