Yogic Sleep


Learning how to perform yogic sleep or yoga nidra is one of the most important yoga practices. Lucid dreaming is best achieved when you practice yogic d sleep. It is the point of self -awareness even when you are asleep. The practice should be carried out before one retires to bed. The following steps will help you to attain the yogic sleep.

Choose Intention

Once you have settled on an intention, you should lie on your back on a flat plane. The hands should be stretched out on your sides whilst your neck should be supported with a pillow. You can still get an extra pillow to support your knees and add your comfort.

Closing the Eyes

You will now imitate the normal sleeping pattern whereby you close your eyes and summon the intention you had for the yogic sleep.

Repeating the Intention

The intention should not just be summoned within us; it should be repeated 3 times for emphasis.

Breathe Deeply Inwardly

You should now take deep breaths, the emphasis being on the exhalation.

Rotate the Awareness

You will gain some form of awareness which should be moved in rotation from one part of the body to the next. There should be no breaks when you are rotating the awareness.Instead,make sure that they move from the fingers to the arms,elbows,shoulder,neck,face ad then proceed to the back, lower body and finish with the toes.

Whole Body Awareness

It will now be necessary to have an awareness of the body as a whole as opposed to each part separately.

Left Side Awareness

You should repeat the rotation awareness of the body on the left side of the body and summarize with the whole boy awareness mentioned above.

The left side awareness as, whole body and the rotation awareness steps should be repeated several times if possible so that one can achieve the desired state of relaxation. This whole body awareness should continue to experience so that one cave has peace and stillness that comes with practicing it.


The intention you had when you began the yogic sleep should be reaffirmed 3 times.

Going Back to Consciousness

One should prepare themselves mentally so that they can safely return safely to ordinary consciousness.

Move your fingers and take a few deep breaths as you now ready yourself to open your eyes. This is the last sequence of the yogic sleep. One should not impose time limitation to it.

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