Yogic Lifestyle


There is a big difference between living and practicing yoga. The habits of a healthy yogic lifestyle will ultimately lead you to a happy and peaceful life. The following are some of the things that you can do to lead this lifestyle to the full:

Positive Mental Lifestyle

You should not allow negative thoughts to dominate your life.Instead; you should have a positive mental attitude towards life. When you allow only positive thoughts to enter your mind, you will lead a happy life that is free from stress, anger, bitterness and worry. Negative energy is destructive in that it makes us sick and less enthusiastic about things around us. When we radiate positive energy, everything around us looks bright and full of life.


What kind of relationships do you foster? When living the yogic lifestyle, you will be in a position to cultivate healthy and healing relationships. Being in a good relationship with others is one of the cornerstones of yogic lifestyle. If you are not able to get along with others or have an unhealthy connection with people, you will always be disturbed and might have a sense of isolation. Our souls bond and create a sense of togetherness when we are in good terms with others.

Healing Sensory Input

This is where we use all our 5 senses to change things in our environment. We should be able to decode the sensory input that we create so that it impacts on others through and enhance trauma healing. Examples include dealing with anxiety, PTSD among autonomic nervous disorders.

Mental Tension and Relief From Stress

The life we live could be stressing so much that we are unable to enjoy life. The barefoot yoga is one of the recommended ways to relieve us from stress. All that you need to do is to remove your shoes and walk barefoot into the ocean or dig them deep into the sand.

Right Livelihood

This is right living and generally revolves around eating, sleeping, dressing right, learning and eating what is healthy. If you are able to achieve all the above and impact on others, you will lead a better life and will be happy in your life.

Cultivating Energy

We should not lock energy; it should flow freely within us. Spending time with nature is a perfect way to cultivate positive energy within you.

Exercise, Rest and Sleep

These three summarize what we would call a yogic lifestyle.

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