3 Concentration Meditation Techniques


There is so much that will bring down your concentration levels leading to waste of time with increased feelings of depression and low self-esteem for the time lost. It is for this reason that many people the world over are taking up meditation to help them focus on tasks and manage their time better. Ensuring are some of the core concentration meditation techniques you can apply to get the desired results among them a longer attention span.

Choose What You Want To Concentrate On

Depending on the many aspects of your life, it is best to start with one item to focus on and ensure you pay your full attention to it. As you undertake your meditation, let your mind settle by on a particular thing, item, or person and focus on it. As you continue to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, you will experience the clutter in your mind will start waning and start achieving concentration after a few meditation sessions.

Breath and Count Backward

While meditating to increase your concentration levels, it is better to find a place where there are no disturbances. This will allow you to focus and center yourself for the meditation exercise. One of the techniques that gurus and yogis have taught since time immemorial is focusing on your breath. Take few, slow deep breaths, and mentally count backward from 100 to one.

Count Steps

You can combine many techniques of meditation with everyday tasks. Walking is a stress reliever and good exercise. On your daily walk, strive to count how many steps you take from your starting point to the end. When starting out, you will be distracted but improve when you keep at it. This will tune your mind to focus on the task and improve your overall concentration.


Depending on how you do your exercises, you can improve your concentration. By focusing on the work, you will improve your concentration. Counting backward is a hard task for many and while you are exercising your body, count the reps from 100 or any number up to one. Within a few weeks, you will find it easier to do the backward counting and note that your concentration has improved significantly for other tasks.

The trick is to balance your focus during a meditation session. Concentration meditation experts suggest that you ought to rest your mind gently on the task. Focusing too much on the task is counterproductive on your concentration. Take it easy, and your concentration will steadily soar for it to be effective.

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