How to Do Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga go yoga is a type of yoga that was first put into practice by Vamana Rishi. He recorded it in an ancient manuscript that Detailed this type of yoga is many different positions as well as very distinct teachings. The text was later passed down from there throughout the 1900’s. More about Ashtanga’s distinct yoga history can be easily discovered online at the Ashtanga Institute.

The Path To Purification

Ashtanga, refers to 8 limbed yoga. It is set to provide a path of purification that will cleanse your internal soul. Ashtanga Yoga is a highly spiritual form of yoga and is great for those seeking a meditative quality out of their yoga practice. During classes you will typically at first practice external cleansing techniques. Unless they strict method is followed, your eventual purification of the mind can be hindered. With this form of yoga, it is extremely crucial that one follows each technique to the T. Ashtanga Yoga is considered one of the most disciplined forms of yoga. So if you are looking for an easy fun form of yoga, this might not be for you.

The Purpose Of Ashtanga Yoga

The purpose of yoga is to control the mind. If you are going to a session with this goal in sight, then you probably have found the right form of yoga for you. There are many steps of attaining this goal, so it is important that you listen carefully to your instructor and follow their lead. As you grow in experience, it is up to you whether or not you want to take these techniques into your daily personal life. Many of the Ashtanga techniques that you learn in the stool can be easily translated into your own life. Ashtanga Yoga places a heavy emphasis on the mind. Throughout your session you will use and rely on the strength of your own mind to persevere.

Focus On Your Breathing

During your sessions you will focus very carefully on your breathing and movement. It is commonly thought that for each movement there is one breath that goes along with it. Typically you will inhale while raising your arms until they are finally over your head, and then put your hands together. As you been forward you will then exhale. You want for your inhalations and exhalations to run parallel over the course of each movement. Therefore the end goal is to not make any movements without breathing along with them.

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